What's the best LV accessory to use a pencil case?

  1. Meant to say use as a pencil case!!
    I've got some spare cash, I need a pencil case, I love LV. So I combined these ideas. But now I wondering what to get.
    All ideas welcome.:p
  2. oooohhh! I've been thinking about the same thing-->I vote for pochette accessoire!!! :yes: I've FINALLY found a good use for this bag! Otherwise, antigua PM!
  3. I love that denim accessory, what is it called? It even LOOKS like a pencil case! ITS FABULOUS!
  4. I like the denim Speedy GM case- $375:
  5. ^^thats the first that came to mind for a pencil case. I'd hope to go for this one day, but I may just settle for a marc case now for 58$ and save for a lexington.
  6. OO! The denim case is PERFECT!!
  7. Thanks Becca! That's the one I was trying to remember the name of, but that is it!
  8. The Denim one is perfect. I thought pencil case when I first saw it!
  9. the denim case is SO cute!!! the pochette is also a good idea!
  10. what about the little bag that comes inside a papillion? that might work, too!
  11. I like that denim case too
  12. You're welcome! :smile:
  13. The Denim case is too cute :love:
    Other suggestions... maybe the Mono Etui Stylos (won't hold that much, though)... MC Pochette GM(?) if you need sth. bigger...
    LV really should make more pencil cases :nuts:
  14. Speedy GM definitely makes a great pencil case!
  15. agree, denim speedy gm case would be awesome for that use.