Whats the best Louis Vuitton bag to get under $800?

  1. I don't own a Louis Vuitton but I want one. My max budget is around $800. Any suggestions on a Great LV to get for less than that?
  2. You could start with a speedy .
  3. How about a speedy? You can't go wrong with one of those!
  4. Sophie.
  5. speedy! It's a classic! but do you have any preference of material, Mono, Damier, Azur, Vernis, etc? Hand held or shoulder bag? If you don't mind, there are some awsome pre love LV which can strect 800 dollar selection?
  6. Speedys are great and if you get the Damier one it is low maintenance. It's a classic look.

    If you don't mind spending 23-30 more I would go with the Batginolles Horizontal. It is a very functional bag and not too much vachetta to worry about.
  7. how much is the bv? 815? or sth like that? i say the BV! hahah. a bit out of budget but that's a great bag!
  8. I really like my musette tango. It was my first LV and I use it the most.
  9. My favorite in your price range is the speedy 30. I have one and love it!

    John 5 awsome spread!!
  10. The popincourt is really cute for around that price, and the speedy is always a great collection starter!
  11. Definitely the Speedy 25! It will get you HOOKED! Plus, it's a classic! Every Louis girl should have a speedy!
  12. Speedy is too common, i'd say Popincourt or Ravello, love both!