What's the best leather for an evelyne?

  1. Hi ladies! I am thinking of getting an evelyne PM II in bright color. :wlae:

    Probably orange or vermillon. But can't decide on which leather yet, personally I prefer something rigid, so is epsom a good choice?

    I know there are many H experts here and I'll be more than happy to hear your suggestions.:tup: Thanks a lot!
  2. Personally, I prefer clemence or the coveted barenia for an Evelyne. IMO it's a soft bag.
  3. ^^ Agreed. I love Evelynes especially in Clemence. The bag looks best when it hugs the body.
  4. Natural barenia, IMO.
  5. TGM, definitely Clemence. I love yours.

    Barenia .... I love Barenia but I hate how easily it gets soiled. The oil strain from a strand of fried noodle that dropped on my Barenia Evelyne has never failed to remind me that Barenia and eating do not go together, and I love to eat. :push:
  6. I was just fondling an orange clemence evelyne at H yesterday -- beautiful. I agree that clemence molds to your body best (mine is clemence). Also, I think the colors are very limited in epsom.
  7. Double post.
  8. Evelyne PM II in Vermillion Epsom would be a wonderful choice since you like the rigid feel/look. I love Epsom and bright colors for the smaller bags :tup:. Good luck with your decision.
  9. I saw one in Clemence at FSH, and the leather is perfect for this shape.
  10. I personally very much prefer Clemence to Epsom for an Evelyne bag because I like the way Clemence hangs. I feel that Epsom is *too* stiff for the Evelyne shape, at least on me. I had a Rouge Garance Epsom Evelyne and sold it; I replaced it with a Black Clemence Evelyne of a larger size. I ADORE my Clemence one, and find myself reaching for it nearly all the time for casual wear, while I carried the Epsom one maybe once or twice total.
    And though of course Barenia is wonderful--it doesn't come in orange or vermillion, and it is a very "markable" leather.
    So, if I were considering an orange Evelyne, it would be Clemence.
  11. Unless something has changed "orange" comes in Epsom and "potiron" comes in Clemence. Both have the same bright orange strap (too bright for the potiron IMHO).

    I think it depends on your preference. If you like a structured bag then you might like Epsom. If you prefer more slouch and softness then you should go for Clemence. I think a lot of the brighter colors come in Epsom most often.
  12. ^^ Good point about the colors/leathers offered, Kallie Girl.
  13. I had an Evelyne in epsom that I gave up on. I loved the shape of it but the bag never sat right on me and I contributed it to the leather. It's the only Hermes bag I've given up on and normally I don't mind stiff leathers. It's just that in this particular combo, it didn't work for me. I prefer softer leathers for shoulder bags.

  14. I saw two orange clemence evelynes in NYC in the past two days.
  15. I love Clemence for the Evelyne. But if you do want a stiffer leather Epsom is the way to go. I fell in love with a white Evelyne in Epsom but I know I'd get it dirty in two seconds, ditto Barenia. :lol: