What's the best gift you ever got your husband/boyfriend?

  1. Well Christmas is coming up andddd I still haven't decided what to get my boyfriend this year. We've been dating for 7 years so I feel like I'm running out of good ideas b/t birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.! He's 25 and very hard to buy for- if he ever wants something he just gets it himself! I thought it be fun to start a thread to see: what are some of the best gifts you have ever given your husband or boyfriend? I need some ideas! :flowers: Thanks!
  2. My H is impossible to buy for. He wants nothing and exchanges everything. One year I bought him personalized liscence plates. He plays hockey and so I bought the ones with the Maple Leafs logo and put his number and position on them. He loved those.
  3. Me and my bf have been together for 2 years now. This year i went out and bought him some new shoes, a Microsoft Zune, Some lounge pants from express (his fave store, plus i got them free on black friday lol shhh...) And last but not least Guitar lessons!
  4. Same here..7 years-- what to get?
    This year not only is it Christmas gift time, but our 7th anniversary is on Jan. 1st..so without him knowing, on our stay at mandalay Bay..I will upgrade us to a suite, made reservations at an amazing restaurant followed by my full body massage that he hasn't gotten since, well, about 8 months now..hehh..and some wine..and..LOL..heheh..We'll see how he likes that!:confused1::love:

    Last year he really loved this amazing guitar I surprised him with..he's been using his uncle's and cousin's for a long time now, so he really deserved it!
  5. Leather jacket for the DF last christmas.. It was our first christmas officially together, we met at a christmas party two years ago on the 23rd.
  6. awww my anniversary is jan 1st too, but only our 3rd. My SO is so hard to shop for @ Christmas. But this year I got him new sneakers, a 4 gig sd card for his cell phone, hes getting me a new coach purse, but then We're giving each other the gift of a trip to Disney World right before.
  7. Well, we're not together anymore, but I got my now ex BF a super elegant fireplace tool set for his condo. He had just moved into his new place a few months prior to last winter and coincidentally we had a kickbutt windstorm which knocked out power for a week or so, requiring a ton of fireplace usage! I also got him a fabulous Louis Vuitton tie and a few cool kitchen gadgets.
  8. My bf is almost IMPOSSIBLE to shop for! For reference, we were best friends in hs but did not date in hs, and we have been going out for just about 3 yrs. He's 21 too, so we're youngins heh. I've gotten him ugg slip-ons (he complained about having no clean socks at school hehe so I said he could just wear these without socks!), a nice perry ellis leather jacket, a leather belt from florence, a leather wallet from florence (two different trips), and this year.. an iPhone which I picked up today!!!

    other thoughts: he loves skiing so a ski package to go somewhere together, golf lessons or equipment..
  9. Well I've known my fiancee for 10 years, and we said we are getting smaller gifts this year because we are getting married in may.
    So this year, I'm just getting him a LV Florin Wallet & a iphone. (Still not small haha!)

  10. Last year I got him a really expensive hockey jersey signed by Wayne Gretzky...needless to say he was sooooo happy. He was my slave for a month.... :graucho:
  11. Last Christmas, I bought him entrance to a playboy poker camp that had a closing party at the playboy mansion!! We went to the mansion in jan and he proposed in feb! coincidece? ha! i think not....:nuts:
  12. iPhone!
  13. DH always says I get really good gifts. I just pay attention when he talks...men :nogood:

    1st year - pure Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee

    2nd year - upgrade kit to his Roomba

    3rd year - DVD set of Red Dwarf, British space comedy show that he absolutely loves and still had old VHS recordings from when it aired on the Sci-Fi channel many years ago.

    4th year (this year) - wool coat. This is the first gift that I got him which he really needed rather than really wanted, but he seemed very happy with it. We went to visit my dad in Baltimore right after I gave it to him, so it was much used.

    To pick one for best, I would have to say the Red Dwarf series.
  14. I had to ask dh that questions since we don't buy each other gifts. His answer was "the kids":love:.

    We've been married over 19 years and I usually just buy what I want all year long, so birthdays, anniversaries, mothers day, and christmas is just another day. If he wants something, he does the same thing. He's not a big spender though, thank goodness.
  15. i got him a panerai watch for his birthday this yr. He loves it and next yr another watch . ( that will be our thing every yr a new watch)