What's the best foundation for Asian skin?

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  1. I've been struggling for a long time to find a good foundation tone for Asian skin. Some make me look white-washed in pictures (like I poured a whole bottle of powder on my face, LOL) while others make me look unnaturally tanned.

    Any rec's?
  2. It's really hard to generalize a foundation for Asian faces. I mean, the skin tone varies among the Asian people - some are fairer, some are darker. Best bet is to go to a cosmetic counter and have someone help you pick a color that matches your own skin tone.

    If you're looking for brand names, I assume the Asian/Japanese ones, like Shiseido, Shu Uemura, SK2..., would be your best choices.

    I don't wear any foundations so I can't give you any further useful advices.
  3. i have pretty pale asian skin (but i have like no yellow undertones....very pink for some reason :confused1:) and i love SK-II's air-touch foundation as well as bare escentuals
  4. I like bare escentuals as well.
  5. What about getting your foundation custom blended? I believe Prescriptives has recently expanded this service to more counters / locations.
  6. my skin is quite pale and i currently use Laneige moisture lighting foundation... unfortunately, there's only four different shades. but, i was able to find one that is suitable for my skin tone and it works very well for me. it's a Korean brand, which is not readily available here, but can probably be found in Asian stores in the US. i usually purchase Laneige products online from sasa.com (HK based cosmetics store)
  7. I think that SKII has got one of the best foundations, Shu Uemura has got super natural and fabulous textures, and MAC has got a colour pallete of every colour in history. A tip for you.. Once you've found your perfect foundation colour, get one in a shade darker and a shade lighter. Mix accordingly everyday as your skin tone changes day to day...depending on how much sleep you've got, your diet and whatnot...
  8. i've found clinique foundations have been pretty good for matching all the asian skin tones in our family.... i'm more tan, my sis is more yellow and my grandma is paler but we all do ok with clinique...
  9. If you live near a Giorgio Armani makeup counter you can swing by and get a sample from them. It works great and lasts all day. :flowers:
  10. I've tried a lot of foundations. It's kind of hard for me because I'm tanned asian. I had some loose powder from Origins that I loved, but it was discontinued. I heard that Laura Mercier and Chanel have good yellow based undertones. I use Laura Mercier's silk creme foundation. It's very light but it lasts longer than other foundations that I've tried.
  11. Try Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation and ANNA SUI liquid foundation:yahoo: they are absolutely my favorite!!!
  12. just bought shu uemura velvet perfect powder foundation, i love it,i will def buy again its perfect for my asian tone and i love the texture.And it looks natural and not too made up plus its long wearing.I tried Laura Mercier its good too but the color slightly changes after a while and makes my face a little darker than my tone.I also tried awake and clinique but both makes my skin too dry.
  13. i have really pale pinkish undertone asian skin. i only use chanel foundation. also, for everyday, i use the aquasomething tinted moisturizure from lancome. in #1. it works well
  14. I like Clinique superfit makeup the best. MAC has a lot of colors but makes my face really oily after a couple of hours. Many people have told me to try Laura Mercier and I definitely am going to.
  15. my favorite is chantecaille Future skin!! the best out of all the foundation I tried.. which are.. sofina, RMK, Armani, ipsa, Mac etc... it has a very natural coverage, I dont feel oily in the mid-day or after a few hrs.

    the 2nd best is RMK!
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