What's the best/favorite/funnies compliment you've ever gotten on your LV????

  1. Whew, work has been busy so it's been a while since I posted (although i've been thinking of my LV pals on here in the meantime).

    I want to hear about all the great compliments (usually the first is most memorable) that you guys have received.

    My very first compliment was about 2 weeks ago when I was shopping along Bloor. I was carrying my laptop bag and my 1-week old trevi pm, and immediately after I walked into the door one of the male employees walked up to me and said "Girl, that bag is HAWT! I mean...I know this is Gucci...but, that bag is HAWT!" I smiled and said thanks, and started looking at same of the wallets, but as I was doing so he was following me a bit eyeing my bag then asked me what it was called, and whether it came in a larger size.

    So that was my first (and, thus far, most favorite compliment) - what's yours??:tup:
  2. Hahaha, something very simular happened to me a few weeks ago...

    I was at the LV boutique in the Saks at the mall and I was carrying my black cabby gm.

    As soon as I walked out of the boutique a male sales person (with tons on makeup on) who was walking through Saks stopped me and goes " Oh girl that bag it to die for, did you just get it?" We ended up talking for a while and he was telling me about his LV collection. He was really funny, I think he said he worked at the Bobbi Brown counter...
  3. hahahaha...these compliments are funny..i never got a funny one.Only your bags is cute.
  4. HA... I was at Macy's in Lenox Mall where the only LV store in Atlanta is one day and had my MC Speedy. My husband happened to be w/ me because we were buying my mother a purse for Mother's Day. Well, he had NO clue how much the MC was. This guy at the perfume counter said "GIRLFRIEND... that bag is to die for.... you really must have thanked your hubby that night for spending $2k." I was like OMG.... I am busted, and omg... can I actually buy more if I put out for him nightly.. lmao.
  5. I like you'r key chain did you get it at the dollar store?:hrmm:
  6. I had a very similar comment on my trevi also from a Guy, looks like this is a popular bag with guys!
  7. OMG are you serious???I would have been soo pissed off.....i would have ignored that person.:push:
  8. it was actually my friend he doesn't know any better :lol:
  9. Ouch :push:
  10. I think mine was recently at the airport, with my Damier Keepall - was waiting for the tram to take me to baggage claim and an older couple were standing right behind me - he said to his wife "take a look at that bag, isn't it pretty?" The wife said "the checker one? Yeah, it's really nice" I turned and smiled at them - they had great taste!!
  11. This very nice korean hermes salemen said and i quote I like you LV bag must been very much money.
  12. Funny comment about my panda Vavin Pm. "Isn't that an LV? Isn't that expensive? Why do you put a sticker on it, aren't you afraid that it will be damaged?" :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. When I first carried my silver Miroir Speedy, I was walking around this calendar place at the mall and this guy goes, "Man, your bag is HOT!" Lol.
  14. i had my neverfull gm with me at the nail salon...and the woman doing my pedicure said "if your bag is real then i am in love with it!"...i didnt really know how to take it... lol so i just smiled and said "its real and thanks"....
  15. I was with my mom in nemian marcus and she had her mc speedy with her and the lady in the shoe department was like whoh.. amazing bag :smile:)

    had my damier keepall and pochette gange with me in the airport, don't know if it was a nice thing to say.. but some guy said look at that prince getting on the plane.. I was like okk