What's the best fashion advice you have to offer?

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  1. Mine is to ditch the white bra & panties.
    I know women get them to wear under white tops, dresses, skirts, pants, etc. so that you won't be able to see their underwear or bra. What most don't realize though is that you can see the white since it stands out against the color of your flesh. Instead I say go for nude colors since they blend in with your skin.

    What fashion advice (no matter how random or bizarre) would you like to share?
  2. 1. Generally, color wise, the ones the compliment you the most are the ones that 'jump' out at you. E.g. white is my favorite color and I'm often told it's the best color on me. This I got from my teacher in a Image Consultant class.

    2. Buy the staple items (classic white shirt, pencil skirt, blazer, etc) in the highest quality tailored to your body ONLY if you are not on a yoyo diet or planning to lose/gain wieght. H&M and Zara is not for you, as tempting as that is, because in the long run you'll save more $$, unless you plan on cutting them up like I did to mine.

    3. if you have hips like me and a tiny waist a longer length would be more flattering.
  3. do not follow a trend if it does not suit you - so often it is just not flattering.

    always have your shoes in immaculate condition - it says everything about an outfit

    and, use your tailor - I have found that fitting something to your body gives the wow-factor
  4. Always look at yourself from the back before leaving the house!! You never know what might be out of place, or not look as good on you as it does from the front!
  5. For every item you have in your hand to try on when shopping, grab something else that you like but don't think you would wear. You never know what looks ok on the rack but looks amazing on you
  6. People should not be able to remember exactly what you were wearing, only that you looked fabulous in it.
  7. I remember reading this from somewhere - prolly from tPF if my memory serves me right.

    Don't worry about wearing a size up. No one else will see the tag on the insides of your clothes.

    :yes: I really don't like seeing people squeezed into clothes that are too small :s
  8. If you are wearing a bright outfit go easy on the makeup. Neutral makeup goes well with a bright outfit and bright makeup goes well with a neutral outfit.
  9. Buy clothes that fit you.
    You are not a sausage and your clothes should not fit like a sausage casing.
    No one looks good poured into their clothes.
  10. Don't wear fur coats with exotic leather handbags.

    Decide which one is the highlight of your particular outfit, for both clash (especially if the fur is brown and the bag is black)/are too much.
  11. Confidence is half the battle won.
    Buy clothes that fit right.
    Don't be afraid to experiment, but don't be stupid.
    Be casual, not sloppy.
    A wardrobe is like a tower, build it up with a good foundation-basics.
    Don't bother about what others say!
    Accessories complete an outfit.
    If in doubt, wear black.
    Have a few "fat day" outfits.
  12. mine would be :

    1. DON'T follow the trend, buy and wear what u like and suited you

    2. go shop alone, i found shopping with other people and bought something influenced by people can make u regret some of the decisions
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  14. Invest in cashmere sweaters.
  15. [vogue] - as usual you are dead-on. Great tips!