What's the best everyday Chanel tote vs the lv neverfull?

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  1. #1 May 29, 2016
    Last edited: May 29, 2016
    I'm a tote girl and am currently lusting over the deauville (even though my husb thinks it looks cheap). I'm looking for a easy tote to use everyday to work that fits my 13" MacBook Air.

    I already own a medallion tote, while I love it's classy look I don't use it because it doesn't fit my laptop and it's too big for weekend use. I also baby it so I don't want to take it on planes with me, so as a result it's just sitting in my closet not being used. I think I should sell it but I still love it...


    I'm also thinking of getting the lv neverfull because it looks easy and functional and everyone seems to love it.

    Should I get the deauville, or the neverfull, or keep the medallion??

    Your advise is greatly appreciated, thank you!!
  2. I'd love to know what you decide, as I've also been eyeing Chanel totes and weighing against an LV MM neverful or an LV tote with a zipper....I am having trouble justifying the cost of the Chanel totes for every day as they've really gone up in price and I missed the GST boat.

  3. Lovely Medallion, my first time seeing a red one. Neverfull MM in Epi is a great workhorse. The latest LV tote is the LockMe Cabas...slightly smaller than Neverfull MM. Check out some tpfers beautiful reveal on the LV forum.
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  4. Personally, I have a hard time justifying the price of a Chanel seasonal tote. I'm ok spending money on a classic but if you ever consider resale, the seasonal items do not hold their value. I used to have a neverful mm which I loved but I recently sold it in favor of a goyard st. louis. The quality isn't on par with LV but it feels a little more special to me in that I don't see them day in, day out…..
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  5. Ooo I own the LV Neverfull in GM (mono). I love that bag. It can easily hold my 15" laptop, and all my other daily needs. I'd suggest as others have the MM size. The MM is nice because it can hold a ton but it's not overwhelming like the GM can be. As user Nvie suggested the Neverfull in Epi is stunning and understated so it's perfect for work.

    Chanel has put out some amazing totes lately especially since the GST is discontinued. I'd take a look in the Chanel subforums to get a better idea. But since you've been very delicate with your beautiful medallion tote going with a durable leather like the Epi Neverfull may work out better for travel.

    Good luck deciding! You've got some great options to choose from [emoji4]
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  6. I think LV is more casual than Chanel. So whatever look you're going for. I have LV adventure cabas, same size as neverfull mm, it's a true workhorse and I like that it's LE. I recently scored brand new GST, haven't used it yet, but it's more formal bag i think. Chanel came up with a new tote, it's $4600. Personally I'd rather add some extra money and get CF, reissue or boy. Here's a photo.
  7. The Chanel Deauville tote is the closest thing to the Neverfull that I have seen from Chanel. The Neverfull is definitely a workhorse, I am not sure the Chanel would hold up quite that well, it might. The Chanel is probably a more unique piece. Good luck!
  8. I use my LV Neverfull in Black Epi to carry my Chanel bag when it rains.....
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  9. +1, Deauville tote
  10. I totally understand your problem. I was gonna got the deauville tote but the big Chanel on the front looks a bit too much for me plus I've seen some pre loved ones looked just awful.. I love Chanel but if you're looking for a everyday bag for work that's worry free then Neverfull it is. My only problem is it's a bit too popular so I'd go with epi leather. I'm think about getting one too but now I'm debating the Neverfull with Celine mini belt...

  11. Lol I think I would do the same [emoji16]

  12. Ohh thanks for the suggestion, I will look into the lv adventure cabas!!

  13. I was looking into the neverfull Epi too, until I saw the deauville in person, so pretty [emoji16] but ya I wonder if deauville will hold up...
  14. Chanel has the new perforate tote bag. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464881396.917497.jpg
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  15. Neverfull hands down. As much as Chanel is my first love, my neverfull is really the most carefree, functional workhouse of a bag I own. It is much more casual than a Chanel tote though.
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