Whats the best everyday bag?

  1. Which bag do you find yourself using more than the others? I'm thinking of getting one last bag and then being good for a while. These are the bags I already have Epi Speedy 25 red, Mono Petit Bucket, Bh, Azur Speedy 25, Damier Alma, and Mono pochette Acessories. Any suggestions ?
  2. i think all the bags in your collection are great everyday bag... well, maybe not the pochette...but the rest is indeed great e'day bag...

    if you wanna get something new then i'd say either BV or BH are great too :smile:
  3. I think it depends on your lifestyle and even what you're doing that day.

    For summer, now I am using my petite noe in mandarin, though when I have a meeting, I take my ManhattanGM as it fits my laptop and papers.

    The handheld speedy is probably good for everyday errands, but maybe not such a great idea if you're a Mom with little ones that need that hand, then probably the BH.

    Have fun!
  4. I love cabas piano. I have had her a long time now so I don't need to worry about the vachetta in the rain as it's quite dark (I didn't have a clue about the vachetta and rain when I first got her).
    Apart from that theres always a Noe?
  5. I find myself using my Neverfull MM almost everyday (very comfy & has lots of room) but in the winter I usually use my MC Speedy 30 or Mono Speedy 25.
  6. All my bags are still so new none of them have any real patina yet. Those of you that use your Bh the most do you have a lot of bad weather. I live where it snows alot in winter and rains in spring. Do you think it would holdup against the weather.
  7. I think any speedy is a great everyday bag.
  8. I kind of want to save my Epi speedy from being banged around ,The azur is a bit light in color compared to most of my fall and winter clothes. Maybe I should consider another Damier one and just check it throughly for flaws.
  9. Maybe a regular Damier or Mini Lin speedy. Both can be throw around bags that you don't have to baby.
  10. speedies are your best bet
  11. Speedy
    T&B mini pochette
    Cabas Piano or Mezzo

    I use my BH and T&B mini pochette the most this summer.
  12. i was gonna say bh, but since u already have it... how abt the neverfull?
  13. I would say the Speedy of the Neverfull.
  14. Papillon! It has a shoulder strap and the barrel shape is really cute. The Manhattan is nice too or the Hudson!
  15. dcooney, do you don't like to pick up once more the Saleya PM? Or is that bag totally "out" for you? I like it very much and I wear it often. Not heavy, chic, and holds a lot. Or how about the Popincourt haut? Also practical and not heavy. And last but not least I love my Speedy mini lin - light wight, good for the shoulders.
    The Neverfull has very fine straps, they hurts the shoulder, and the Manhattans are to heavy for your shoulder, I think. Good luck!