What's the best European city or purse shopping?

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  1. My friends and I have decided to go on a shopping spree to Europe during one of the coming up long weekends. We'll do absolutely ZERO sightseeing/museum hopping/touristy things and spend our entire time there SHOPPING.:biggrin:

    And now here's the question: WHERE SHOULD WE GO?
    Paris? Rome? London? Which city has the biggest and broadest bag collection? Which city has the best prices? And which city offers the best shopping experience for foreigners who don't speak their native tongue?

    *sorry about the typo in the thread title...I was just too excited about this trip!:giggles:
  2. I would definitely suggest any of the bigger cities in Italy - Rome, Milan, Venice. London is great but doesn't have as much stock I think. Also euro prices I find the most competitive. Sounds like great fun
  3. Paris :heart:
  4. Barcelona :loveeyes:
  5. Paris and Milan :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  6. Paris and London
  7. I LOVE Italian bags, so I definitely say Milan! But obviously Paris has many flagship stores...but not so great on pricing! :-/
  8. Milan is pretty easy to get around for shopping. I bought a fendi recently there and I'm glad. Paris is lovely too. Both are easy to see the beautiful cities/get shopping in.
  9. Thanks a lot! If you have to pick one among the three Italian cities, which would it be then? =P
  10. Milan :tup:
  11. I thought all the European stores share the same pricing.....(at least for those in the eurozone)...Good to know! Thanks!
  12. Thank you for your info! Even though we don't PLAN to visit any specific place, it'll probably still be better to stroll along a beautiful street rather than a plain one. :cool:
  13. Rome.
  14. Def. Rome!!
  15. Paris