What's the best deal you've gotten on a authentic SPY!?!?!

  1. Whats the best deal you've gotten on a spy!?!?
  2. NONE!:sad: Note to self: shop via MP more often!!!:idea:
  3. None for me too! I paid retail for my spy bags too. I'm very impatient and can't wait - lol!
  4. aawwww hehheehee im hoping to hear some so i can have some faith in getting a spy....+ the many other things I am hunting down ...
  5. I never got one for a deal, but I did sell a brand new Honey Spy for around $1800 a few months ago. Silly me and my impulsive purchases. :Push:
  6. My Chocolate Spy was $1100
  7. my congnac was $1200 on eBay, v. good condition!

    How do attach a pic??
  8. Sweet!!
  9. i LOVE that chocolate spy annemerrick!!

    $1100 is awesome...may I ask where and when you purchased it for that much? I'd love to get my hands on a chocolate or honey spy.

    I was actually going to post a thread almost identical to this

    Does the spy ever go on sale???
  10. I really doubt it that spy ever go on sale. You might get a pretty good deal on a used one,though :yes:
  11. Lucky dog. Awesome.
  12. I got a chocolate Spy from a PF member for $1600, only used once or twice! It was worth every penny!
    (7) Fendi Lambskin Spy - 2075.JPG
  13. I got a BRAND NEW, plastic still on the handles, perfecto cognac from a lovely girl here on PF back when the other buy/sell section was open for $1800-something???...

    I still am in love with the bag and have it right beside me now. :tender:
    SPY 005.jpg
  14. The squirrel bag in burgendy used once like new for $1,500.00. It is amazing and came with all papers and receipts from Fendi.
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