What's the best deal you've ever gotten on a bag?

  1. Name the type of bag and price whether you got it on eBay, the store, or anywhere else!
  2. I get *AMAZING* deals at my Coach outlet. I snagged a suitcase at the store, normally $648 for about $150. I get such great deals, I can buy bags brand new, carry them for a while, fall in and out of love with them, then sell them gently used on eBay for MORE than I paid for them brand new.

    Plus I have the most amazing SA there, she is awesome. She will call me if they get something in that I've been looking for.
  3. I got an authentic LV Black Mulitcolore Speedy (retail $2000) off eBay shipped from Hong Kong (My Poupette seller) for $800. I believe that is my best deal. I also have gotten 2 LAMB Mandeville satchels for $200 a piece (retail $425 each).
  4. Gucci croc bag from the boutique for $3500. Original price $14000.
  5. ^^ OMG, how did you do that?! TEACH ME TEACH ME!
  6. OOOOOhhhh...I love this thread!!! I am a BARGAIN SHOPPER....some of my best bag finds:
    Fendi baguette embroidered with flowers $50 (a local personal shopper cleared out unwanted items from her clients closets and sold them)
    Vintage white Fendi clutch- $25 Estate Sale
    Dolce & Gabbana Straw Tote with black patent trim and leopard lining $10 at a consignment store.
  7. And I forgot probably the best of all....
    My black Chanel cerf tote with gold hardware. Price tags still on...for $400 at the Salvation Army.
  8. It was a couple of seasons old when I got it (bought it June/07 and it was from Tom Ford's last collection). It's a classic shape and colour and CROC! I had to really think hard and waited a week before I got it. I had never spent that much on a bag before. My rationale was: never going to see croc at that price again.
  9. Lucky you! Great deal.
  10. ^^^Thanks....I actually left it...and got a few blocks away...and realized I must have lost my mind...and called, as well as rushed back to get it!
  11. $1300 Be&D Satchel from Neimans, for $315.
  12. This post is so fun to read..
    I'm still waiting for my best find.
  13. Well, I am going to be a trend breaker hear and not do an expensive designer bag!

    I got this bag for $4 last week at Filene's Basement. I'm SO ready for summer with this little tote! The stitching is great on it and there are little beads sewn in for the coconuts. I've never had anything like it before! =D

  14. Hmmm....
    I too am always looking for "the deal" and though I have no idea what the retail value was on my Be&D Garbo satchel (probably close to $1,000) - got it for $225.00

    Mockinglee - we both got our Be&D's for a bargain!!! Woot woot!
  15. $200 for a MJ double strap satchel in chocolate brown. my HG bag is the same style, just in bordeaux.. and i just happened upon the brown one on ebay.. had to BIN