What's the best deal you got for Kooba bags?

  1. Just wondering, :P I'm pretty much a 'deal only' person (I guess it's a problem of mentality, however small the deal is, it does make a difference), and just got a black Kooba Sienna from NM for $278. Is that a good deal? Thanks a lot!
  2. I just saw some really gorgeous Kooba's at Saks outlet! I think they were $275, and I could have got an extra 30% off too b/c I had a coupon. I think they had Kooba Renee and don't know the names of the other styles.
  3. That sounds fantastic! Too bad that I'm far away from any reasonable outlet....:crybaby: Last week I heard that Nordstrom Racks is selling Mulberry handbags for $199-$299, and....:crybaby:

    Anyway, I just looked kooba.com and saw they have a 40% promotion going on for past season bags. Wondering if I should cancel this 50% off Kooba Sienna...any idea? Is this discount already good enough? (Feel like I'm truly a little too greedy though, :sweatdrop: )
  4. ^ i think the 50% off from NM is good deal already. i also ordered the sienna :yahoo: (just a little something in replace of the cancelled MJ clutch and betsey hobo from bloomies).
  5. I'm with you. I always look for a deal. I'm checking out some of the bags at NM online. I too need to replace the items that I lost at Bloomies. Right now, I'm obsessing over a MJ Black Patent Bowler. If I find anything fabulous, I'll keep you posted.

    Those Kooba's are great. The leather is so soft and squishy. I'm going to get a Paige at some point. I tried one on at Sak's and really loved it.
  6. i love the bowler.. but sadly the small bowler hasn't been on any sale.. or maybe i missed it? :blink:
  7. That's a great deal.

    I got my Kooba Sienna from shoppingallure.com for 20 or 25% off retail.