What's The Best Deal From Dept Stores

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  1. Putting aside double, triple, points, etc. who do you think offers the all-around best deal in terms of accruing points on base purchases throughout the year to get to an Elite level and then either get a gift card or choice of items like NM IN Circle.

    I know all stores don't always carry same items so you have to stray at times and your SA makes a difference too but sometimes I wonder if I am better off in long run sticking with as many purchases as possible from one store when you think about how much money you spend annually.

    Neiman Marcus

    Any others I am missing that carry Chanel?

    Who do you make most of your purchases from?

  2. right now neimans has a great deal where u buy any two bags or any two shoes, etc.. over a certain amount and u save 200 dollars off both items. i ordered a chanel bag and chanel wallet last night and saved $400! they are really desperate for business because the economy is so bad so now is the time to take advantage - the deal almost makes up for the chanel price increases.
  3. For example last year my InCircle points earned me various options one of which was a $500 gift card which I redeemed my points for.

    So I had to have earned 20,000 points but I'd have to go back through 2007 bills to see what I spent to get those points.

    And that's all I got.

    So if Saks has an EKG day where you get $450 gift card for spending $4,500, am I better shopping at Saks (assuming they have what I want) because I'd get the gift card and points. And if I spend $9K, I am going to get $900 gift card plus points,etc.

    I know I get coupons from Nordstroms every few weeks for $20 or $50 but not real clear how they are earned.

    I don't care much about free shipping because I always pay extra to do 2 day, etc.

    So overall is Saks the best deal?

  4. I don't have any of the store cards, and I have only been shopping at Saks & NM for about a year, but based on what I can see, generally Saks is better overall due to their EGC's. NM does not have as many promotions that I have seen, though they may increase them due to the economy.

    I used to work for Nordstrom, so I know that the rewards certificates you get from them are based on the purchases you make. It used to be you received $20 for each $500 I think? Also, per some SA's I spoke to before the Aniversary sale last year, they were planning to limit pre-sales to those with their credit cards and with a certain level of sales. Not much of an issue for Chanel because they never have Ani sale items as far as I know, but if you like to shop clothes or other items it could be an issue.

    On any given promotion, one store may be better than another, so depending on what you want/need it maybe worth forgoing points for a better deal. For instance the current NM promotion in store, is better than the NM on-line promotion or the Saks on-line & store promotions.
  5. I think bloomies has the best points, it essentially works out to 3% back via GC. During double point or triple point events, you can get 6% to 9% back. Sometimes during bloomies' private sale event, you can get a 15GC per every $100. Combine that with the points

    For regular-priced merchandise, I agree that Saks GC event or the current promotion that NM's having is best! ometimes during bloomies' private sale event, you can get a 15GC per every $100. Combine that with the points, that's a great deal too. Unfortunately, Chanel sometimes is excluded.

    Sales-wise, imo Saks has the best sales bags and prices for chanel bags, followed closely by Nordstroms. NM sometimes has good deals during last call but I found that most of the sales items are gone before they even get to last call. Bloomies' sales for Chanel items have not been interesting for me, but SCP chanel at bloomies is relatively new, so we will see.
  6. EGC is really good if you do not have store cards.
    It'll be even better if your SA could let you use GC plus also get another one.

  7. If you spend $3000+ you get a $450 gift card so if you spent $9000 on the event day you would only get a $450 gift card.

    Also, if you open a Saks credit card you get 10% off your first purchase.:yes:
  8. Saks has the better deals vs. Neimans, but Neimans has better inventory. Another store with excellent deals is Hirshleifer's!
  9. I think Saks has better deal, I opened a new account at EGC day, so got 10%off and EGC.

    Bloomingdales 15% off if you open an account. So, it pretty good deal too if compare to Saks without EGC.

    I have NM account, but I don't think its as good as Saks. Because when I opened the account, no straight discount, only given in GC. But the current offer is a good deal.
  10. Hi Im a Personal Shopper for Saks. So I guess Im a little bias ;) I am always interested however what NM and others do.. Lots of our customers go to NM to look for "CHANELS" but buy with us.. due to our point system... Gift Card etc. In April we have tripple points... xxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. Hi, welcometo the pf, I dont think you can give out personal info here, please read the rules. You ould post info about sales but not give your number .. ect...:smile:

  12. sorry about that... I just signed on... just trying to be helpful...
  13. best to read the rules before posting:yes:
    Check the regular CHanel forum, I bumped a thread for you to review.
    As you can imagine, we have more than a few Chanel SA's here. . . need to keep it consistent.
  14. i love Saks! 90% of my collection are bought on Sak's EGC or triple point event :yes:, 2007 was The Bag Year, racked up 1.3k GC after redeem my points :biggrin: