What's The Best DE Bag?

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  1. Hello extended PF family,

    I'm wanting to know the best DE bag, for an everyday bag eg, lunch, shopping etc. I'm really not a Neverfall girl because it's not my style. I carry the basics like ph, keys, wallet, cosmetics, tissues.

    Your experience, advice and help is needed.

    Many many thanks xx
  2. Speedy.
  3. Totally MM, it's perfect!!
  4. Totally MM, Duomo, or Bloomsbury. I have all 3 and love them all!
  5. I use my Speedy 25 :smile:
  6. I love my speedy b 35.
  7. Delightful :biggrin:
  8. Caissa clutch!
  9. Siena pm or Alma bb
  10. Delightful pm de is a very stylish shoulder bag option
  11. Speedy b 25 or Favourite :smile:
  12. If you're more of a:
    Minimalist - Pochette Accessories, Alma BB and PM, Favourite, Speedy 25, and Eva
    Middle - Speedy 30, Bloomsbury, Siena PM and MM, Duomo, Totally PM, and Delightful PM, Papillon
    Kitchen sink - Speedy (35 and 40), Siena GM, Delightful MM, Duomo Hobo, Caissa Hobo, Totally MM, Westminster GM, and the Chiropractor
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  13. siena or caissa clutch
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  14. Speedy
  15. Bloomsbury!!!