What's the best color to substitute black??

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  1. Hey girlies, well, I was wondering, since I wear a LOT of black shoes/clothes... and AM always in need of ONE more black bag. However, I already have a mini first in black, and I want to get a city or work in a different color. All of my other balenciagas are pretty bright and I just want one that can substitute a black bag. I DONT want to get ONE more black bag, however, ugh, is THERE any balenciaga color that can work with almost anything a black bag could??
    Or am I wanting toooo much?? hehe
    photos please ladies!
  2. How about griege?
  3. Sandstone!!! :yahoo:
  4. Plomb/steel.....?
  5. thanks girlies!! im going to atelier.naff now and see those colors!!
    if anyone have photos, I'd love them =]
  6. a red would be totally smashing, if you want something to pop! but if you're not ready to go to the bright side, what about a greige or steel? even natural would look really classy and would totally match all your black
  7. Ink, Blueberry, Anthracite
  8. i LOVE sandstone, but thats a BROWN bag... and for me, brown and black are opposite colors... lol dont ask... its how it works for me...
    I LOVE griege... That could be a good choice! Anyone have photos of a griege bag?
    and I didnt find plomb/steel...
  9. plomb/steel won't be coming into stores until july...

    there's a thread about 07 swatches somewhere, i think incoralblue started it...
  10. Definitely Anthracite!:yes:
  11. How abt tryin out aqua or rouge? They are great colors, if not Vert Gazon is another fabulous choice.....or u can wait for those new 07 seasons such as grape (violet), tomato (more to true red) or ocean.....another alternative besides black.....:smile:
  12. grenat
  13. substitute black ? I'd say WHITE: a neutral and also matching with everything, or RED: a vibrant color also matching with almost everything :yes: ;) :heart:
  14. Like you I wear a lot black clothes and naturel leather(caramel,light brown)matchs perfectly!:happydance:
  15. I'd go the opposite direction and do a color like an Aqua, Vert deau or even a brownish like truffle or sandstone