What's the best clothing deal you've ever scored?

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  1. Just wondering...what's the best deal you've ever gotten on an item of clothing? Pics are appreciated, but descriptions work. :tup:

    For me, I'd have to say my Juicy stuff. :sweatdrop: [I'm 15 so I'm still pretty into this brand] I have one fleece hoodie that I got for $60 off from $190 and a black terry hoodie that I got this past weekend for $25 at TJMaxx...this season too! [has the new tag on it] I'm really loving the whole designer stuff @ TJMaxx though I'm getting worried because some of you are saying that they could be selling fake 7FAM's, etc. :s I've seen 7's at TJMaxx for about $100. Too big for me though..

    My mom got an amazing leather jacket from Nordstrom for $800 off from $1200+ so that was an OK deal.

    Anyways... post your best deal here!
  2. about 5 years ago, i got a DKNY 100% cashmere sweater for $5! I still wear it every winter, it's perfect.
  3. ^ Dang girl! $5?!

    That reminds me though, my mom has also scored cashmere for ridiculous prices...never as low as $5 though!! Mostly around the $20 - $30 range.
  4. Good question. I'm one of those people where if I have something it is because it was on sale somewhere. It might have to be the $200 Marc Jacobs bag I found at TJMaxx, or the leather jacket I bought in Russia. I've gotten some great deals on Marni on eBay (yes, authentic, you just have to know what you are doing...).
  5. i've gota chanel cashmier sweater at NM last call for $50 that was origanlly $995. I've also got a gucci jacket there for $75 that was origanlly $1500. They have the best deals and great stuff if you are there on the first dayof rotation.
  6. I got the Juicy rabbit fur hoddie for $40 at the rack. I think the retail on it was around $400.
  7. GORGEOUS missoni cardigan for $60... i'll post pics when I'm not lazy
  8. I bought a A.B.S. Schwatz dress for $36.50 that was originally $210.
    I bought a DKNY chiffon skirt that was originally $190 that I paid $25.
    I bought a real coach scarf for $1.60 with Brand new tags still on it.
  9. i scored a pair of seven a pockets for 30 bucks today at a thrift shop =)
  10. You all are making me jealous here with your amazing deals.

    Namely flyawayfishey, dmitchell [coach scarf for $1 and change?!], and taylee [I saw that hoodie but it was NOWHERE near $40.]

    Great deals, guys! I need to step up my game next time I shop! :p
  11. Unfortunately, I don't find too many great deals. I did get an adorable Patrick Robinson bathing suit from Target for only $6 for the top and $6 for the bottom (so $12 total) and I just bought a super cute yellow dress from there for only $14.
  12. I can't remember all of them, but I just bought a Vince t-shirt from Crossroads, brand new with tags, for $6!
  13. Oh god!,everything that I get is a good deal!, I have very good shopping karma

    I got...

    everything was with tags as well...

    juicy terry tub-dress on sale for $10
    juicy hoodie terry on sale for $30 (This season)
    White Religion dress for $20
    Marc By Marc Jacob fitted jacket for $10
    Habitual shorts for $30
    Moschino jacket for $50
    Rock & Republic jeans for $80
    Betsey Johnson petrol clutch for $20
    Juicy henley $15 (This season)
    Missioni sunglasses for $35
    Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses $40
    Versace Sunglasses $50
    Joie veluour sweatshirt $11 (past season)
    Prada shearling boots $99 ( I got it at the Barneys warehouse sale the origional price was 790!)

    everything is authentic as well!!!

    I :heart: sample sales!
  14. Jadore - you are the clothing-deal queen! I never score any good deals.
  15. I have groups of friends who have made appointments to shop with me

    OH!,I have more

    Trench Coat Rebbeca Taylor $80
    TSE sweater $60
    Moschino Tee $30
    Juicy Hoodie $ 25

    my most COVETED purchase

    Vera Wang cocktail dress... $70!

    I pay everything with my allowance (and in moderation)
    All of these purchases have been within this year!