What's the Best Cles to Hang on a Tivoli GM?

  1. I know I'm copying the Damier Poll that is currently up, but I have the same question! What cles to hang on a Tivoli GM?
  2. Congarts Beth for your Tivoli GM! :yahoo: Pomme/Perle or Red/Ivory cles goes best w/dark colored bags IMO. Inclusion Speedy key chain is a tab small for the GM.
  3. Pomme Cles or Pomme Heart.
  4. I have a pomme cles on my Tivoli GM right now and I love it!!!:tup:
  5. Show me a pic, please? Pretty please?

    Funny... when I posted this thread earlier today, I had written out a whole POLL to go along with it, but when I clicked to enter it, I got a message that I couldn't put the poll in the thread 'cause it was more than 5 minutes after posting.:nogood: Then I checked to see if anything had posted, and I didn't see the thread at all. So, I gave up on the idea, and ended up calling an SA recommended by a friend. He and I discussed the whole Tivoli GM accessories thing and, on his advice, I ordered the new cles and also the bag charm with the dangly flower motifs, both in Pomme. I asked about Perle and Amarante and even the new Violette and although they are all beautiful colors, none of them look as good with Monogram. I'm not one to ever wear the color red, so it is a little bit of a leap for me, but I also love my Damier Speedy 30, and the interior of that is red, so I can use the same accessories with both bags!:woohoo:
  6. This is really helpful! I am running to my store on Friday (feb 1) for a heart, and wasn't sure what color to get. I am not a red person either, but in the back of my mind I've been thinking thats probably the color to go best with my Tivoli GM...THANKS! :goodpost:
  7. I think a pomme cles would look great.
  8. I think a pomme heart would be adorable or the new gold.
  9. Vernis Pomme Cles ... I love how it really goes well with almost all the LV bags!
  10. Pomme Cles definitely!

    It will be such a burst of colour to complement the monogram. :tup:
  11. i have the the trunks and bags pochette hanging off my tivoli gm and it rox
  12. A Murakami MOCA Rond.
  13. anything in Pomme.
  14. Limarie, thanks for the thanks!:yes:

    CatieLV, can you share a pic? I own the Trunks and Bags Pochette, too, and am currently using it inside the bag to carry credit cards and receipts.

    WentworthRoth, I thought about the MOCA ronde... it seems a little too "playful" for the Tivoli. I think I'd love it with Mandarin Epi, or something a little less dressy, though.

    And to everyone who has suggested the Pomme, it is really nice to know that it will go so well with the Mono.:kiss: Thanks for posting!
  15. something pretty and colourful like a vernis piece!