What's the best cleanser for combo/skin?

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  1. What are good cleansers for combination skin? (dry on forehead and cheeks and oily on chin) I still breakout from so many products. Iv'e tried neutrogena, philosophy, both made my chin breakout. I've been using SkinCeuticals for a few years (from my dermotologist) but that seems to be too drying now. Would love your suggestions.:smile:
  2. I just started using Mario Badescu products. I'm combo and very prone to breakouts. I love this stuff! My skin is finally clear! You can go to the website and fill out a quiz to find the right products for your skin and then they will send you free samples, very generously sized ones!
  3. I vote for Mario Badescu too!
  4. a mild facial soap like pears
  5. I have combo skin too and I use Cetaphil.
  6. Fresh Soy Cleanser
  7. Fresh soy cleanser too!! The best...
  8. I have combo skin as well and use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser
  9. I have combo skin too and I love Purity.
  10. Thank you so much for all your replies!!:smile:
  11. I like Philosophy's "Microdelivery Exfoliating Face Wash" and "Purity".
  12. ^^ i normally use la mer cleansing foam but its sooo $$ so i recently got the philosophy microdelivery and purity cleansers and im loving them :tup:
    I ordered both as a set on QVC both 32oz bottles with pumps for $88 total.. My 4.2oz la mer was $65 i believe so I did wondermous!
  13. i use clinique toner number 2
  14. sorry posted prematurely!!

    ......and apricot scrub with alpha hydroxy
  15. I use and love La Mer cleansing foam