What's the best choice for a 1st birkin to own?

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  1. I am going to Stockholm and hopefully flying over to the H store in Paris in May. Can anyone advise what's the best choice to consider for the very first Birkin(that's only if they are available, haha)?

    I like palladium hardware and colours such as white, fuschia, pink, lavendar, cream, blue jeans, spring green; but not black, brown or anything that's dark. :s
  2. geminisparklers from your list - white, parchmein, bluejean, vert anis, tabac camel are likely colors you may come across, in Paris chances are better than anywhere else but of late all these NY-ers :yahoo:are making me rethink my next H-expedition destination, hmmmmm....
    Good luck, I hope you find the birkin of your dreams!
  3. Geminisparklers you have pretty much answered your own question with all the lovely choices you have above.

    You will need to decide which leather you would prefer and what size. But if you are open to all those you have listed you are likely to find something in Paris.
  4. I would be almost 100% sure that you won't find your dream bag from Stockholm.
    You've listed sooo many beautiful colours that I'm quite sure that you'll find something from Paris. I wouldn't recommend white as your first bag... You'll want to carry it a lot, and white is very difficult to keep clean for long. Cyclamen and potiron are also fun and versatile colours. Blue Jean is a classic, bleu thalasse is also amazing.

    Good luck!
  5. I'd definitely go for one of the yummy colours you've selected rather than white......I'd be terrified of white!
  6. Judging from all the lovely leather colors you've listed (it appears you love all the colors of the rainbow), I would say just buy the bag that is actually offered to you!
  7. If going to FSH, you should be able to get something in one of your choices. Go first thing in the morning! Wishing you the best of luck!! Wish I could go with you!
  8. All of you are just soooo encouraging and sweet...:hugs:I just feel like giving everyone here a big hug...

    It's almost like a definite affirmation for me.

    I will let you know once the bag is in my hands :woohoo: I just can't wait!!!