What's the best Chanel to use everyday?

  1. Its been merely a week since I got my very first Chanel, the Medallion tote, and my sights are already looking towards my second! (not soon, but well...down the road) I am not much of a fancy-schmancy evening bag kind of gal. I like bags that are pretty YET functional and that has the capacity to hold wallet/wristlet/agenda and makeup without looking (and feeling) like I am carrying a piece of huge luggage!

    SO, I have narrowed it down to:

    1. Medium or jumbo flap
    2. GST
    3. large diamond tote

    BTW, I am 5'2" 110...so pretty petite and some bags can easily overwhelm me. Any ideas, ladies?

  2. I'm 5'2" and under 100lbs and I don't think my jumbo overwhelms me. People have different perspectives about how big is *too* big, but it's really up to you and how comfortable YOU feel carrying the bag.

    I'm a lover of big bags in general so when picking out the jumbo, I kept in mind that I definitely wanted something that would be able to carry a good of amount of stuff for daytime use. I've heard that the medium classic--because of the 2nd flap inside--minimizes the space by a lot, so that's why I chose the jumbo instead. From what you're saying, you probably would fare better space-wise with the JUMBO than the medium.

    I don't know how the GST and diamond stitch tote compare, but if you can, you should try on all 3 bags in-store and see what suits you. Personally, I love the look and style of the classic flaps but everyone has different tastes. GL!
  3. Another thing... for me, the GST and medallion tote are kind of similar -- at least in shape, since they are both totes (I know the straps are different..) So if you're looking for a little more diversity, maybe you'd like to look for a non-tote. Just a thought. :smile:
  4. try the jumbo on first. see how you feel about it (if it overwhelms you). if it does, then there's always the medium/large flap for you. but i gotta say that Jumbo Flap is a great everyday bag :tup:
  5. I found I was more of a tote girl for everyday -- basically because I'm lazy :O
    and like the easy accessibilty getting in and out of bags I don't have to clasp.
    My GST is more user/lazy :shame:friendly than my medallion - but I love them both and do use both equally.
  6. My 3 favorite Chanel styles for everyday use are: Jumbo Flap, Expandable Flap, and PITC flap.
  7. Yar, get the flap :tup:
  8. for me... my everyday bags are:

    1-Large Diamond Stitch
    2-Jumbo Flap
    3-Expandable Flap

    and all are black bags:smile:
  9. I don't think the medium flap will accommodate your daily necessities. It was designed, I'm told, to hold a lipstick, love letters, and cabfare. For me it is to small for anything but things I would need for an evening out or a luncheon. Not everyday. A jumbo is probably a better choice although I have never actually handled/tried one on. I own a GST and think it's a good choice for everyday. Sorry to say I am not familiar with the diamond tote.
  10. Check out the LAX totes! They are larger than the GST and more "fashiony" looking! They come in two different sizes...
  11. I vote for the flap...it's beautiful and timeless. I don't have one, but I'd like to get one someday
  12. Thanks for the suggestions!! I think I will go and check out the Jumbo flap for sure...it sounds like a nice bag that holds a lot. Is it coming out in any fashion colors for spring?
  13. The large diamond stitch tote is a great bag for everyday. I have the small version and can tell you that it fits quite a lot (long wallet, agenda, make up case, cellphone etc). I think it's different enough from the medallion tote that it wouldn't be redundant.
  14. i don't own any of the bags you are deciding between but i have always admired the diamond tote :love:
  15. What is the leather like on the diamond tote...since its not the usual quilted Chanel?