Whats the best body lotion?

  1. Theres a thread for hand cream.....i was wondering what everyones opinions are re. body creams. I was filling out, just playing around with the allure best beauty survey and came to body lotions. I am a body lotion fanatic, have to put it on head to toe dailey and have been since I was about 12! However, when completing this form realized I really don't have a favorite. I usually don't splurge on body lotions as I go thru them so fast. So whats a really great lotion?
  2. Kiehl's Creme de Corps. I swear by this stuff. It makes my skin smooth and makes it glow..
  3. I think it depends on what you want...

    My fave drugstore variety is either Keri Lotion - or there's a Vaseline that has vitamin E that's great. I'll have to doublecheck the name.. I always grab it based on the packaging...

    My fave indulgence lotion is Plum Plum by Blisslabs - soft, not too oily and what a GREAT smell!

    For hardcore/heavyduty lotioning up in the dead of winter - I love to use L'occitane's Shea butter body lotion. Whipped richness!
  4. I like The Body Shop Body Butter... very rich.

    Laura Mercier's Souffle Body Creams are TO DIE FOR. But at about $60 for a jar, it's not a splurge I make.

    A great cheapie is Olay Quest. Probably the best drug-store body lotion I've used.
  5. the best, hands-down, holy grail is AHAVA DERMUD. it's made in israel and will make you silky smooth for days on end with just one application. my skin is so dry that the skin on my upper arms is actually bumpy and rough, and this is the only lotion that helps. i recommend ANYTHING that Ahava makes.
  6. Amanda, where does one get Ahava?
  7. I use Jo Malone's orange blossom body lotion. It's TDF. Very sheer so it gets absorbed quickly and the smell is simply amazing!!
  8. I am with [Vogue]. Loves it.
  9. I use Mors Body Creme, in persian peach. It smells great, and makes my skin so smooth!!!
  10. I like Burts Bees buttermilk baby lotion. :smile:
  11. Ooooh, great ideas! I've always just stuck with Lubriderm for so many years because it's unscented and doesn't make me all greasy. Now I'm inspired to branch out!
  12. Laura Merciers Souffle Cream are really to die for. The scent is amazing and it reminds me of cookies and cream, and i love it, makes my skin really silky as well but the price tag on it is not really appealing but it does last for ages!!
  13. I just like the scented Victorias Secret body lotion. It smells great and my skin is soft. I especially like how it drys quickly and isn't greasy. I love getting whiffs of the lotion here and there all day long. :smile:
  14. Yes they are great ideas! For some reason I never really splurged on body lotion but will definately try some. I've always wanted the Laura Mercier creme brulee, it sounds so yummy