what's the best bag?

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  1. I'm thinking about purchasing a gucci bag and was wondering, what is the best bag for about $700? I'm 19 and can't/won't spend over $1,000 on a bag (at least not yet). I prefer medium to large bags and i love the gucci logo fabric. I want the bag to be something i can use for years! Help please!
  2. I love all the ones suggested especially the first and the last!
  3. I like all the suggested bags! My pick would be the one you have a picture of in your signature.
  4. id say if you can hold out for a bit..do it! the sale is coming up and sometimes you can get AWESOME DEALS!!!
  5. Ooh yes! Almost forgot about that one! Definitely see if you can hold out for the sale
  6. when is the sale? is it online or in stores?

  7. It is both on line and in store. They have them twice a year. Last year it was the first week of June. And Nov
  8. There is a better selection in the stores than online.
  9. i agree with mssmelanie! i think you should go for the abbey you have in ur sig! its such a brill bag! im only 18 myself and bought one last summer, im SO glad i did! id been lusting after it for 2 years and finally took the plunge! i love it more than my LV speedy!
    ive been using her this week :smile: you wouldnt regret it!