What's the best bag to carry around your KS Agenda in?

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  1. I have a KS small rachelle and I'm able to fit my KS Agenda, keys, make up pouch, wallet, and some more essentials perfectly... it's pretty stuffed in there though Im not gonna lie.

    I've been looking at the maise, alessa, and hayden at the moment.

    But even though I live by an outlet and retail store time never permits me to visit these locations and check.

    Wondering if any other planner nerds out there have the same problem, trying to find a cute bag to tote around the essentials without having to carry around a giant tote bag.

    I'm looking for something with a cross body strap. Pictures, links, opinions more than welcomed!
  2. I have an Erin Condren life planner that I plan my life with and that sucker is pretty big! I have given up and just use a backpack by MBMJ now lol. Anytime I try a real bag they feel like they weigh a ton and are too stuffed:nogood:
  3. I love eclp but they're too big for my lifestyle

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  4. 1457648929819.jpg

    This is what I have currently
    Kate spade nylon with leather details :smile:
    Bough preloved for $24. I bought a chain strap for $12 that should come in soon

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  5. The Maise and Hayden are great options along with the Small Loden or Felix from the outlet.
  6. Very cute!
  7. HI! Update, kate spade small Ella holds everything I need to carry everyday random things + the wellesley :smile: