Whats the best bag for work?

  1. I freelance and as I just bought the Mirage Speedy won't be buying another bag until I get my next gig...but....
    I travel a lot and like variety so I am looking for two bags that I can take on the road with me.

    I love the speedy and have a mono and epi 30. I have the epi with me on my current trip and I have decided that I actually prefer carring my mono everyday.

    I am not sure how I feel about the Damier but was thinking that as its good in any sort of weather maybe a Damier speedy and a Saleya. I could carry the speedy everyday and the Saleya when I have a lot to take to work. I tried it out and my laptop even fits in it....

    When not using either bag they can neatly fold in my suitcase...

  2. I have an Azur Saleya and I LOVE it. It is a GREAT bag. I highly recommend it.
  3. I love the shape of the salayea, I have the PM and really wish I had bought the MM! But on the other hand, the speedy is my FAV bag, so maybe a damier speedy!

    Or... if you like the neverfull, then get it in damier! It is supposed to be coming in January!
  4. I'd go with the Saleya since it has a zipper. :yes:
  5. I'd go with the Saleya!
  6. I would go for the saleya MM... great overall tote for any use!!