Whats the best bag for work?

  1. I carry a lot of stuff.
    I am looking at the Batignoled Horizontal, Lockit Horizontal, and teh Salenya pm....
    any thoughts?
  2. I think that either the BH or the Lockit Horizintal are great everyday bags. It just depends on wheter you want a zippered bag(Lockit) or an un zippered one(BH):tup:
  3. My cabas mezzo is the workhorse of my bags. If I have the space, I tend to fill it up. I think it might be bigger than the ones you were considering, but I really love it! Have fun choosing!
  4. I'm partial to BH and Saleya PM for my workbags...
  5. BH! I love it soooo much!
  6. im liking my BH so far because i can fit most of my stuff in it, even my laptop...
  7. Definately the BH
  8. saleya is nice and it has a secure top zip.
  9. If you carry a lot of stuff - I think you should check out the ever popular and NEW ---- Neverfull bag!! There are 3 sizes.
  10. I like the lockit horizontal, but the neverfull is a good choice too!
  11. saleya or Bh
  12. saley pm is a good one; however, if you carry lots of stuff, then the saley mm should be your best bet.
  13. LH or BH, I don't like Saleya but almost of my friends are using Saleya
  14. for work I love shoulder bags. I would with the BH or saleya.