what's the beef about the LV being cut off?

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  1. Just curious why people are so concerned about the LV being cut off on the corner or side of a LV?

    Thankfully, my Batignolles Horizontal and Mini Looping don't have the LV's cut off on the sides, but if there were - what is the big deal? :confused1:

    Guess I am not so critical of my LV's like others...How is it defective? :shrugs: Are they all suppose to line up and not be cut off? :shrugs: If so, why are so many people complaining about the LV's being cut off- like on the Josephine's? :shrugs:

    Just curious....if there is something I am missing, please share - is it if they are cut off the look fake or defective :shrugs:, but they aren't defective - guess I am a little confused by people being critical of how their LV's line up.

    Please share your thoughts, again if I am missing something I should be on the watch for when purchasing additional LV's in the future.

    I'd love to know...thanks!!!
  2. well when you see a lv bag with the lvs cut in half at the seam it means it's fake.
  3. to the untrained eye perhaps. but it takes more than cut off LVs to make one bag automatically fake. ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD LADIES!!! can't you just be content on the fact you bought yours from the boutique or eLuxury? can't you simply appreciate that LV is still largely hand-assembled by human beings hence, the non-uniformity and slight imperfections?

    this just proves that some buy these bags mainly for show... so very pleb :rolleyes:
  4. But why then are people complaining about purses they have bought from the boutique's with the LV's cut off - knowing those were real? That just doesn't make sense - but I guess to other people it must come off as fake-like?
  5. well Ithink i know what you mean but they arent really cut off. I thought you meant obvious, chopped in half ones. I dunno then
  6. I think to some people they may be looking ahead to the future should they ever need to sell this bag, someone else may question the authenticity of the bag even though they have receipts, etc., to prove they bought it at the boutique or e-luxury.
  7. Maybe because it doesn't look as good.
  8. On most bags, but there are some bags like aurelia that are angled, so some do get cut off.
  9. mine is cut off on the side but it doesn't really bother me at all.. coz i know i know it's real..:P

  10. thats what i meant. I've seen on some lv bags where its not really cut off at the corners. Its just how the bag is made
  11. The Josephine incident was from eluxury...and it's possible that someone had purchased one from there but then returned a fake and elux re-sold it to someone else :idea: I've heard of this happening before.

  12. Exactly! It's about the alignment with space available. With the aurelia it can't be helped. Most bags don't have cut off LV's though.
  13. it's doesn't really bother me too much as well.

    I know as long as it's beautifully hand made by master craftsman and built to last, it makes me content. That's what I pay for and expect in an LV item.
  14. Many people with authentic Josephine PMs have slight cut-off of the LVs, since the bag tapers at the top. It does not mean it is fake. I think that is the point of the OP's post. Since cut off LV's do not mean the Josephine is fake, why be upset about them.
  15. OMG, I hope this NEVER happens to ME - wow, you think they would have people there to inspect!!! That is a SCARY thought, yikes!!!!
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