What's the bag that got away?

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  1. I have a few, but sometimes there's a bag that gets away from you and haunts you for weeks, months, years after. What bag(s) is that for you?
  2. LV watercolor speedy. Though it would have to be size 30, which was not sold in US.:crybaby:
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  3. I had my Ellipse Sac A Dos stolen in a break in last year. And then there was a Deauville this week on eBay that I dragged my feet on. Someone bought it... :shucks:
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  4. I had a Gucci shoulderbag in the 1980's stolen at work - we had over 400 employees so no way to know who did it. I saved for months for that bag and went to Chicago to purchase it. I've not seen the exact style anywhere since.
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  5. Alexander Wang Marina. I purchased a parchment Emile instead from that season and went back for the marina and it was gone. I think they did such a small run of it, It's going on 5 years that I've been searching now.
  6. I have 3. When I was doing a sale purchase on Mulberry.com a few years back I chose a Tillie instead of a Bays or an Alexa. All were about the same price. Ended up trading the 4-times-used Tillie for a Rocco. Haunts me still. Managed to skip TWO now-lusted-after bags for something I didn't like in the end - the horror! :faint:

    The third one was the DvF Ready-To-Go tote. Well, when I say WAS, I really mean that - I scored a preloved, mint condition and picked it up yesterday! :smile: It's in black croc print. I did consider getting the gingham colorblock version on the Outnet, but I think it would have gotten old for me pretty quickly. No chance of that happening with the black one. :hbeat:
  7. :hugs: Just awful

    If you have any pics perhaps Gucci forum can help you find the same model
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  8. Louis vuitton roses speedy....Man I should have bought one when I had the chance!
  9. All leather Gucci Aviatrix Boston

    I went to work abroad with no chance of nipping off to a Gucci store so I planned to buy one on my return. When I eventually came home they were all sold out all over Europe.

    Another was an Hermes Black Box Kelly specially brought in by my local store. It took more than 20 months to come in by which time I'd lent the money to someone desperately in need.

    Strangely, I'm over both of them now. The Aviatrix is too similar to my Babushka Boston which is a rarer and better bag for me. The BBK that came in wasn't the thick luscious leather I'd dreamed of in any case and bought vintage instead.
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  10. Marc Jacobs Stella in Peacock. I had one and sold it and am so upset!
  11. A black Lily by Mulberry, in mint condition at a fraction of the cost, black and classy... i dragged my feet and was nearly banging my head at the screen when i saw it sold... still kicking myself...
  12. In high school, I had this gorgeous, all leather black bag with my first initial on it in hot pink. It was by a "no-name" designer (can't remember who right now) and I got so many compliments on it. It was stolen twice. The first time was in 9th grade, and our school resource officer found it in the trash can of the boys' restroom. The second time was in 11th grade. We were in rehearsals for a musical, and someone literally walked in off the street, took my bag and a couple other girls' bags, and walked out. Never saw it again.

    Yeah, it was a no-name, but it was such a cute, functional little thing.
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  13. A preloved Noe petit, almost never used. The older version without the reinforced vachetta bottom. Could have gotten it for £220...❤️
  14. Rebecca Minkoff Proposal bag (the zebra head bag). I chose something else at the time but could not stop thinking about that zebra. When I decided to get it, it was gone. Sold out everywhere, none on ebay...I still look for it.
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  15. There was a large Prada tote bag in this gorgeous ocean blue a couple of years ago. I can't remember the model but the leather was really soft and a really pretty colour. And it was in an outlet. I should have bought it!

    They say nothing haunts you more than something you should have bought!!
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