What's the average time you keep a Mulberry?

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  1. I was working out how long I've had some of my Mulberries & realised that 18 months is a long stay in my wardrobe!
    Last year I did a lot of impulse buying and those bags have now gone but the keepers are still relatively new.
    Coral Agyness was last summer; aqua Mabel & red Ayanna were December; red Mabel was last autumn. Tangerine Araline has been around the longest. Milton hobo is a newbie.
    How I'd love to be someone who has a bag for years & loves it & uses it for all that time but that's not me.
    So, what's the average lifespan of a Mulberry in your wardrobe?
  2. Well so far my Annie has been there since xmas 2006 and i would never part with her. ledbury is the only one I've parted with and she only stayed for 4 months before realising i'd probably never use a hand held only bag. I like the idea that the bags I've bought will be here with me for years!
  3. I like to think I'll have all my bags forever. The trouble is I'm so fickle. I know turnover will be high. That said, I really don't think I'll ever part with my Phoebes, Mabel, Joni, Roxy tote or Somerset.
  4. I'm having a major re-think on my Pebble Ledbury. I'm too scared to use her where I live as at the moment we have a problem with handbag thieves and they are actually targeting women that are carrying their bags in the crook of their arm. I do love Ledbury and will probably end up keeping it as ebay is just far too scary.
  5. ^^How about moving? :roflmfao:
  6. ^^^ I am!
  7. I'm sure they'll still be occasions when pebble ledbury could get an airing Riff
  8. I do hope so Jo, as I really enjoyed carrying it.
  9. I don't ever part with bags!
    The only one I have given away is an antony (outlet choc one) that I gave to my neice as I just never used it. I also have an oak one (non outlet) that I never seem to use either.
    I keep my bags for years (have a 23 year old LV Speedy 30 that I NEVER use but would never give her away either)
    I keep thinking that I may send my oak blenheim on her way but never do as I am the type that worries that I'll regret it at some point.
  10. probably 6 to 12 months, I still haven't used Pebble Mabel ( as hubby doesn't know about it yet)!! I think the longest time so far is my little red Mabel. Last April or May, I think.
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    Hmmm, I'm not sure :confused1: My oldest Mulberries (Elgin, Joni & Araline) are from winter 2006, which is when I started buying from Mulberry. I've sold the bags that pre-dated these (2 MJs and a Tods) so I guess I'd have to say 2 years. However, I can't see myself ever selling my Elgin :nogood:

    I sold most of the bags I bought in 2007 which, I think, is quite telling about my purchasing habits at the time :tdown: I was so seduced by the quality of the Elgin that I just rushed into buying more bags as they were bargains. In fact, the only bag that I bought in 2007 that I still own is my MbyMJ Faridah. I've sold all the Mulberries I bought in 2007 - Emmy, Bayswater, Ayler, Phoebe & green Joni.

    My 2008 purchases were, I guess, more considered. Poppy, Roxanne, Mini Mabel, Milton & Large Mabel are all definite keepers - can't see myself ever selling any of them :shrugs:

    I sold my Jody but only because the orange Mabel was such a similar shade. Even when I was packaging it up to post, I was thinking "I love this bag" :lol:

    My question marks are, I guess, Somerset & Maggie as I haven't used them yet. And my purple EW Bayswater. Somehow, I can't bring myself to sell this little beauty :nogood: but I know it's not a bag that I'm going to use loads. I think I'm going to try and use it for evenings though :idea: as I do love it.

    ETA My aim isn't to have a revolving door to my bag collection. I'd ideally like a collection of bags that I use and that I love; that will improve with age; that serve their purpose. I don't want to get into the habit of "renting" bags - buying on impulse, using for a season, then selling as I've gone off them :nogood:

  12. Ditto, and think i've finally got my little collection. Am adoring choco phoebe. The medium sized choco shoulder bag was definately what i was missing. Think they are all keepers now!
  13. I've got my little lot down to a core collection. Reds for winter & the aqua/turquoise for a zing in summer. I'm hoping they'll all be hanging around for a good while now. Well, at least into next year!
  14. I have got some that have been with me for approx 3 years now and they aren't thinking of moving out.
  15. I have had my oak bays and Roxanne about 3 years and they are not leaving me . I really try to think out my purchases these days and not impulse buy . The bags I have now I love and can't really see me parting with many . They all get used in turn .