What's the average life span of your everyday/workhorse shoes?

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  1. Just curious to know on average how long people's everyday/workhorse shoes last for.

    As I get older, I find myself buying more quality shoes because they not only last longer, but feel more comfortable. That said, I now wear my shoes to the ground before I'm willing to throw them out (to the point where my soles are broken from the shoe). They get slowly demoted from work and events, to weekend wear, to small outdoor excursious, to the "I don't care what happens to these shoes." I then have become so attached to the shoes that it breaks my heart to part with them. On average, they last me a good 2-4 years depending on the brand. My usual everyday/workhorse brand is Cole Haan - love them for their comfort and durability and I always hate having to throw them out. I had one pair of their sandles that I couldn't bare to part with 2 years past its expiry until my bf told me i should do them a favor and put them to rest... if HE can tell they need to go, they must have been in really bad shape haha.
  2. I would say 10 years if you constantly rotate them.
    I don't do designer shoes at work - mostly low end ones to mid range like BCBG, Colehaan, Marc by marc jacobs and maybe 3 times a month , when i feel it, i would wear my louboutin pump, nina ricci sandals ... but most of my work shoes have last me a long long time...
  3. I wear designer brands at work --- to/from work as well, and find that they last around 2-5 years, depending on wear/style/and care. It brightens my day to wear them & adds that extra pop to my wardrobe - otherwise, what's the point of buying high-end shoes if you can't wear them?
  4. My work horse shoes are louboutin black patent simple 100s. They are 2.5 years old and I wear them at least three times a week to work. They are looking a little sad upon close inspection but on my feet and from afar, they still look great. They have a lot of life left. Now I have replaced the heel taps twice and resoled them twice so I take care of them obviously. I expect to get another 1.5 years out of them max, then I know I will probably need to replace them.
  5. One more thing....part of me feels guilty for admitting to wearing Louboutins to the point where they need to be replaced b/c so many girls on the CL forum want to keep their shoes I pass on or to display in a glass case. That used to be me but I eventually realized that I enjoyed them more wearing them than looking at them. It makes me feel better to know that other ladies wear their luxury shoes too.
  6. lets put it this way... my designer brand shoes are really not work appropriate!!! lol!!!
    I dress so differently during my day off and at work... never fails to put a smile on my family's face...
  7. Last year I wore my Bloch flats literally until the leather tore. I wore them 1-2 times a week from may to August. Starting September until October I wore them five days a week to school until a tiny tear in the leather happened and the soles practically wore out. I then got them resolved and continued wearing them until march. But honestly the leather was so bad I was embarrassed to wear them. However, I have wide feet and my school campus is huge so walking to classes and libraries hurts my feet and they Bloch ones were perfect.

    I have Tory Burch revas for three years and they are awesome they are now my workhorse shoes and the leather is so strong! I wear my other designer shoes but I always keep my revas in my purse in case my feet hurt.
  8. In think it's fantastic you've worn them for so long and continue to take care of them. When I was younger I never considered taking my shoes to get fixed up (of course back then my shoes were a lot cheaper haha) but i now see shoes as investment pieces too and they deserve to be taken care of, especially if you can get that much more wear from them.
  9. i don't wear my designer shoes to work, period. My mid range shoes I only bust out for work if I am going out for dinner or drinks after work. My shoes tend to last me about 4-5 years with daily wear during the relevant season.
  10. My everyday shoes have always been black leather flats, and I usually get a year or two out of them before they're totally destroyed. The heels of mine are getting a bit worn out now, but I'm pretending they look good because they're my favourite.
  11. I have worn my CL New Simples 1-2 times a week for the past 2 years and they are still going strong. They could do with new insoles but no one see's the inside when they are on my feet!
  12. My lanvin ballet flats have scratches and one hole on the back... 3-4 months?
  13. That's the same for me for my "commute shoes." I get to work and change into other shoes which usually only see the office floor, or other offices for meetings haha. My 'commuter' shoes last me a good year or two and my heels are the first to go, or the toes since I have clumsy feet. I seem to stock up on black flats but this weekend I opted for leopard print ones =)
  14. Nothing is more comfortable for me than either Robert Clergerie brouges or Gucci horsebit loafers, Esquivel, and Church's. I think I will stick to the Guccis mostly from now on given how consistent and comfy the designs are. Heels and boots I do Ferragamo and Bally, but don't think I'd flash the red soles of CL or more fun stuff at work.

    IDK how long they last; 5+ years if rotated? I stray occasionally with lower priced shoes, but nothing feels as solid as the more expensive ones. I still have Bally riding boots from 10 years ago that look almost new and I use all the time (cost per wear is down to a couple of dollars now). I think ballet flats probably last only a year, maybe 2, no matter how much I spend.
  15. This!
    I'm always under scrutiny as far as my work shoes go... Hence lately prefer to stay under the radar!!!