What's the appeal of Speedy?

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  1. I noticed that so many people like it here and I don't get it. It seems very boxy, why is it so popular? Can't be carried on one's shoulder.. Does it fit a lot of stuff?
  2. OMG I don't know I just love it. It's an LV classic. It cannot be used on the shoulder purely hand held. Plenty of room for all you will want to carry.
    I have the Speedy in Mono, Damier Azur, MC white & black & I cannot wait to get my Epi Ivoire, it's just a timeless bag!
  3. I just love it. It's not boxy really and yes, it fits a ton of stuff if you want to fill it to capacity. It's just a nice everyday bag and a classic from LV. If you have an LV collection it's one of the 'basics' you should have I believe...well that is, of course, if you like it!
  4. hehe, I used to hate it, but since there's a lotta people who like it here, I'm more relaxed toward it now. However, I still don't *love* it, I just "accept" it lol. The style is okay and handheld doesn't bother me. I only like the MC, Epi and LE speedies because I don't like the canvas lining in most of the other ones....
  5. I love the shape--it is just so dinky and cute (I have a mono 25 and a red epi 25). They do fit a ton of stuff and I admit I do like the idea of having an iconic bag that elegant women like Audrey Hepburn have carried.
  6. I'm not sure what the appeal is either, but my first one was the Cerises speedy 25. I adored that bag! Sold it, like an idiot! Altho I love the bucket cerises because it goes over the shoulder, it just isnt as cutesy to me as the speedy so I gotta get another! I think it is because when you have a hand held bag versus a shoulder bag it is seen more than something on your shoulder. It kinda stands out!
  7. Please do a search on the "Speedy". There are MANY threads on this already.
Thread Status:
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