What's the age gap between you and your SO?

  1. My friend is currently having a mini crisis :hysteric: as she is being wooed by two guys. Guy #1 is 9 years older than her so it makes him 34 years old, while guy #2 is her age which makes him 25 years old.

    These two guys are at different point in there lives and she was wondering if age really matter.

    So it got me and her thinking about certain age issues... would 34 be too old for her??? or would 25 be too young for her???

    The qualities she like about "older guy" is that he's more settled, he has his life on track and knows what he wants. However, she like the fact that "younger guy" is more of a free spirit and fun but hates the fact that at his age, there's no deifinite career and a risk that he might flake.

    Anyways, it bring up the whole issue: is a girl more mature than a guy that the same age???

    Ok... I told her about my experience that I have only dated guys who are 2 years older or more older than me. Currently, my SO is 8 years older than me and I find that even though initially I felt he was a tad bit more mature that me (we started dating when I was 22 years old) that it has worked out for the better.

    Anyways... what do all our wonderful TPF members think about the situation??? And if you like and don't mind sharing what's the age gap between you and your SO/DH? :flowers: TIA
  2. The largest age gap between myself and a S.O. has been about 8 years (I was 21 and he was 29). I thought it was great... he was settled in his career and willing to take an interest in my interests. Needless to say, it depends on the individual, but I think I'm more mature than the average 22 year old girl so older men suit me well.

    Sometimes social situations with his friends could be awkward, because many are even older than he is. I was an undergraduate and so I couldn't really commisserate over working 100 hours a week or the stock market plummeting.
  3. My current S.O. is my first one, so I don't really have anyone to compare to... Our age gap is THREE DAYS - I'm older by 3 days, although sometimes I feel like I'm older than him by 3 years and other times I feel like he's older than me by 3 years.:lol: I personally prefer someone who is closer to my age (preferably same age or younger) but that's simply because I like someone who is less experienced and more pristine (like a brand new unused Hermes bag thats' still sealed in the box!!:nuts: ) ... Ok ok, the more serious reason is actually that I've gone on dates with older guys before (4 years older) and all the ones I met were patronizing, condescending, and arrogant. I figure I don't really need to date someone who is going to talk down to me as though I were a kid, I have my parents for that.
  4. My husband is only 3 years older than me. But most people think he is in his 30s because of his maturity level. I dont think its about age but more about the maturity of the people involved. I know a lot of men in their 30s that act like teens....
  5. My hubby is 4 years older than me. I did date a guy once who was 3 years younger than me.
  6. My oldest age difference was about 3 years for a serious relationship. I have dated people much older than me, but it never became anything. I think that I can manage anything up to 5 years older than me. I'm not into younger men at all. However I'm only 24 so I guess me going down too far would be kinda creepy.
  7. My DH is 7 yrs younger than myself. I love it! He is jokes that I will die before him. But I remind him that men usually die younger than women and that just means we will die together. We get along really well.
  8. My DH is 12 years older than I am and met him in my late 20's.
    I've dated men younger, my age and 3 to 7 years older than me.
    I guess being with men around my age was fun... and fun is everything when you are younger,
    But as I aged, I knew I wanted a little bit more...
    I'm happy with my DH:love: , he is everything I ever wanted in a partner...:shame:
    I think it doesn't really matter what age differences are, between men and women,
    As long as there is :heart: and you both meet each others needs,
    then you are for each other.:flowers:
  9. He is 8 and a half years older than me.:yes:
  10. My SO is 7 years older. We don't really notice the difference until he starts talking about the 1970s :lol: . I was barely conscious for the first part and by the end of that decade he was into the whole studio 54 scene :graucho: .

    I've dated guys 10 years older, 25 years older (!) and 3 years younger and everywhere in between. I don't think it really makes a difference as much as enthusiasm about life and overall outlook. If you think you're old, you're old. If you have a young spirit woven in with the wisdom you've hopefully gained as an adult then all the better!

    The one big thing I found with age difference was with kids or not having kids. I was pretty serious with a guy a few years ago who was 10 years older, already had a child and didn't want any more. I knew a life with him would mean no kids for me, not even adopting. He wasn't willing to consider reversing his vasectomy either. In the end we split up and I think part of it was because I still wanted that option open, even if I wasn't absolutely sure if I wanted kids or not. We were just at different points in our lives.
  11. I am 2 years older than my fiance'. Funny thing is, he is far more mature than I am! Age never mattered in our relationship.
  12. My current SO is 10 years my senior he is the oldest one .......But b4 him I all ways seem to date older 2 years or older
  13. i'm 8 months older than my so and he loves to tease me about it. i like that we're approx the same age, b/c we can experience a lot for the first time together..i.e. first house, children, etc.
  14. 1 year older than me.
  15. My hubby is a little over 5 months older than me!