What's the 1st thing you do...

  1. When your Bbag arrives???

    I AG mine and transfer my stuff inside- stare at it and look how it looks on me in the mirror! LOL
  2. zac, i hug and kiss her and hold her up saying "my baby's finally home, come to momma!..." then i stare at her and inspect her in and out and finally give a deep (way deep!) and long sniff and put her against my cheek to feel her soft skin. then i can continue to proceed in doing the same as you-AGing her, stuffing her, then staring (lots of it) in front of the mirror!!! :lol: ;)
  3. Oh BOO YAH!!! I wish we could see a video of this!:lol: After I get my Bbag -it usually comes before I have to pick up the kids from school- I blast the radio in the car and do a car dance!!!:jammin:
  4. :jammin: i could really picture you in the car too :lol: ...go, zac-ky, go, zac-ky, go, go, go, zac-ky!...:jammin: awwwww SUKI-SUKI!!!!! you go, girlfriend!!!:roflmfao:
    btw, do you wanna see the unedited version of the video???!!! :lol: i wanted that same effect as "one night in paris" so i put the digicam on night vision...baahahahahahahahahaha....:roflmfao:
  5. oh, i love the car dance. i unroll all the windows of the minivan and just let the music pour out. god forbid that a mom should listen to such raucous music. you are too cool.
  6. OMG :yahoo: YOU are the coolest guys I know !!! I'm dancing with you all :upsidedown: :party: :happydance: :rochard: :drinkup: !!! Me too - make all the same things like you all . . . ohhh my very loved bbag-babys :tender: ! Thanks for the funny thread zac... :flowers:
  7. BOO- You are a funny girl!!!:roflmfao:

    Kathleen- Unrolling the windows of a minivan and blasting the disco tunes!! WOO HOO!!!!:wlae: :yahoo: :wlae:

    First- do you do the car dance too???:lol:
  8. I'm smiling when I open the dustbag
    I'm smiling when I inspect every tiny details
    I'm smiling when I wear it for the 1rst time and see how I look
    In resumé, I'm:smile:
    and finally I also make the B-bag Dance:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  9. Ohh YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :roflmfao: :cutesy: :happydance:
  10. I whip it out of it's bag and give it a once over, and then I try it on infront of the mirror. After that, there may be some b-bag dancing! ;)
  11. This is me when I get a new B-bag (lots of open mouth screaming): :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Then I look at it. Then I put it back in the duster and store it in my closet. Then about 2 weeks later, I get it out and start wearing it. I can't carry it as soon as I get it...I need to marinate in the excitment for a little bit. :P
  12. Squeal *really* loud while I run around the house carrying the box, open it, then stare at it for a very very very long time. lol.:P
  13. My first bags were from the store, and I got a chuckle out of the SA who carefully put the bag in the dustbag, tied the knot, wrapped her in tissue paper, carefully placed her in the carry bag ... only to have me rip the tissue, pull out the knot and yank open the dustbag so that I could put her on the passenger seat and steal glimpses and give her strokes as I drove home with a big grin on my face!

    When they have come from another home/ store far away. I eagerly await their arrival, I followed the UPS man to the office on Tuesday for my black Twiggy! I kind of zone out when all the wrapping paper/ bubble wrap/ tissue is gone and just look on lovingly!

    The older bags I have received, I have then Apple Cared, etcetc, but I like the shiney veininess on the newer bags, so I don't do anything. It will go away on it's own with use.

    I wish you well,

  14. Oh, and since I track the bags like a bandit, and know when they will arrive, I already have my outfit for the next day picked out so I can wear her the very next day.

    esiders, I have no idea how you let a new bag sit for 2 before wearing! : )

    I wish you well,

  15. YEAH- ESIDERS!!! How can you put it away!!!:wtf: :nuts: :P