What's the #1 bag in your collection?

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  1. If you could only pick one bag in your collection. Which one will it be and why? My pick will my Chanel Ligne Cambon. Why? Simple, it's Chanel!!! It's the most expensive bag I own at the moment. How about you???
  2. That's like asking me to stop breathing! But, if twist comes to shove, and I had to choose only one, I would go with my Marc Jacobs Stella. It was the first expensive bag I purchased for myself when I got out of school.
  3. I love Chanel too!

    My #1 bag is the Chanel Cambon flag bag.

    Which Chanel bag is yours?
  4. Tough question .... well, I guess it would have to be my black classic flap bag from Chanel.
  5. That's a toughie. Probably my most classic and versatile bag right now would be my LV Batignolles Horizontal. Someday I'll have a Hermés or Chanel bag, and then that will be my #1.
  6. probably my isabella fiore audra. i have more expensive bags, but this bag is just freakin' perfect.
  7. my number #1 bag would have to be my LV Speedy 30, it was my first! AND i'll always remember my first! :love: (because its the only BEAUTIFUL bag i have at the moment) ..... *waiting for b-bag*
  8. Probably my Popincourt Haut, my first higher end bag (even before Coach !).
  9. my hermes birkin 40-I would die if I would looe that bag!
  10. EXACTLY!

    I'd pick my Damier Duomo though...I am just loving this bag right now.
  11. It would definitely have to be my brand new baby, LV Manhattan PM! I just can't stop looking at it right now!! :love: :love:
  12. I can't pick just one - do you ever think, "okay, if my house was on fire what would I grab"?

    I go into panic mode with this one - I cannot choose just one - I adore all my bags.
  13. Hey Lola! I have the Chanel Ligne Cambon bowling bag in black with the white CC. Thank god I bought it while I had the chance. It's pretty hard to find one now.
  14. i'm with amanda on this one. i just love my audra! its amazing...:love:
  15. Ditto! I can't find another brown bag I like as much as I love my audra! It's my forever bag ;)