whats that one signature look unique to you against today's beauty trends?

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  1. what do you that goes against the grain during today's beauty trends? did you showcase your porcelain skin this summer amongst fake tans and bronzers? are your lids a work of art daily? blue mascara? what do you do thats specifically you?
  2. With my olive skin I like to do different eyeliner colors on my upper and my lower lids. I use eyeshadows and finish line to make my eyeliner. like currently during the summer I have this jeweled darkish blue (mac flashtrack) on my upper, and then this lighter mermaid green (mac steamy) on my lowers thats too light to be seen on my uppers but on my lowers it just gives a nice pop that subtle for everyday, since black eyeliner makes eyes look smaller and duller.

    For fall I'll probably do different variations of purples and greens, and maybe in the winter golds, I just love color in small amounts.
  3. I'm extremly fair skinned. I used to fight against it but now I embrace it. And I get more compliments on my fair skin now than I ever did when I darkned it.
  4. hehe I don't pluck my eyebrows....AT ALL! And yes, there are some light brown hairs right in the middle of them! :wtf:
  5. I don't know if it's a trend or not, but I always wear black eyeliner. I went to a makeup artist a couple years ago and she told me something like '80s black eyeliner is out and I should wear brown. I wore it for a little while but went back to my black. I just like it better.

  6. I wear blk eyeliner too :smile:
  7. ^^^ I wear black eyeliner too. Never knew it was out. I just like the way it makes my eyes pop

    My compleion is very fair. I don't tan, and I don't LIKE to tan. I don't understand why in today's society, being pale is considered sickly and ugly. I LOVE my porcelain skin!! With the right make up, it looks gorgeous. I also have dark hair and eyebrows so it's quite a contrast. At one point my hair was very blonde because I thought it drowned me out but now going back to my original dark brunette color, I find that I like it more.

    I'm just so sick of people going "oh you're so pale!" in a poor you kind of way. I LIKE looking like this! Some people just don't get that :smile:
  8. ^^I love that look! Like Anne Hathaway, with her porcelain skin with her big eyes and red lips.
  9. AMEN!! Girl, we're gonna be lookin' smoking hot at 90 having taken good care of our skin :tup:. oh and I wear black eyeliner too...never knew that was ever in or out, LOL.
  10. I don't tan anymore either....When I was younger I lived for being tan and I am someone that tan's very easily and I get very dark...I tanned at my gym a few times this spring, but honestly, I coudn't stand it and I felt so guilty after. And when we go to the beach I alwasy wear my son's SPF 50. It's so bad for you and I would rather be around to watch my son grow up and to meet my grandchildren than to have a tan.
  11. duplicate post...
  12. When I do my fingernails and toenails, I always use a glitter topcoat because I like the way it looks. I don't know if glitter is currently trendy now, and don't care, and I can't remember the last time it was trendy, but whenever I paint my fingers and toes I use either a silver glitter topcoat or a gold glitter topcoat. It just depends on the color of polish I use.

    I also almost always wear red lipstick. I wear different shades, but it's always somewhat red. I like the way red lips look on my dark, caramel colored skin, it sort of pops. In the summer, when I get two or three shades darker, which I love, I tend to brighten the red up with orange and pink tints. And LOL...yah, I don't wear eyeliner a lot, but when I do it's ALWAYS black. As I'm brown myself I don't do brown eyeliner. You can't see it. But the black is a really nice contrast with my skin complexion.
  13. Heavy black eyeliner. I always do it - in or out - fat or thin - blonde or brunette - it's my signature look... to the point to which some many don't recognize me without it :yes:

  14. Well blue mascara is not going to be a very visible signature if you have black lashes, though it is exactly what you should be putting on them if your eyes and eyebrows and hair are also black (didn't I just say all this in another thread, but the subject was eyeliner?)

    Anyway, my signature going against the grain will probably not be found so much in my face - unless you count not looking like I have on a lot of makeup even though if you were a fly on my bathroom wall (now there's some lovely imagery for you) you could testify that I certainly appeared to have applied an awful lot of products in order to achieve that illusion - but on my feet, where you will frequently see displayed one of the many items in my very respectable collection of classic Keds, which, in case you didn't know, are the new black pump. Especially the pale pink ones.

  15. Same here!! People usually compliment me on the contrast between my fair skin and naturally dark hair. Also, I like a natural makeup much better. Just blush, mascara and gloss!