What's that brand name?

  1. hi guys, as you all probably know that no skin care products are fully natural unless they go off in 2 days.

    however, there is one brand i've heard of is 100% natural. they keep their products in fridges to keep them fresh.

    unfortunately i forgot their name, does anyone know what that brand is?

  2. i feel like i've really been pushing LUSH today, but i know that some of thier products need to be kept refridgerated. however, i don't think that they are 100% natural. even w/ refridgeration the product would have an extremely short shelf-life. good luck... i'm interested to know if you find the name of the company, i'd love to check it out. i'm always looking for something new to try.
  3. i don't have an answer to your question, but remember, just because something is 100% natural doesn't mean it's better or safer. Tobacco is 100% natural, after all, as are thousands of other poisons. Additionally, there are non-natural things that are perfectly safe. I get what you're trying to accomplish, but i think the 100% natural trend is a bit misguided.