What's that bag?

  1. Saw a girl on the street in N.Y.C. Had a HUGE (almost as large as her upper half!) tote or satchel style bag. Very soft black leather. What struck me was that it had huge cream stitches all over it. I believe it had a cream-colored toggle hanging from the zipper as well.

    Anyone have any idea what this is?

    Thank you!
  2. hmmmm...w/o a picture it's hard to tell but why don't you check out haydenharnett.com...
  3. Nope. Not there. I think it might be Coach or Cole Haan, as I was in the mall today, and I saw bags with similar stitching (cream on black) in both lines. I'll check out their Web sites.

    I probably should have asked her what it was, but I feel so awkward doing that, especially if she runs into me when I have her bag!

    Thank you! Enjoy your holiday!