What's that aroma?

  1. So..I know togo smells good. really good. Everytime that orange box is opened, the beautiful smell is there.

    I know chevre doesn't have a smell. I sniffed all my small accessories in chevre. nothing. :p

    What about other leather? clemence? fjord? anything else?
  2. I received my chevre Kelly yesterday and it smells amazing!! I adore the smell of chevre!
  3. You really have to try veau Rodeo when it's fresh out of the box. Now THAT'S leather!!!!
  4. :girlsigh:I am pretty sure my evelyne is clemence and it smells delicious!! When my bag is next to my bed, I wake up in the morning and I can smell it!!! Yummy!!!
  5. Togo is great. Barenia is very good. I don't like the smell of Clemence that much though.
  6. OMG!!! My togo Kelly still has that yummy leather smell!:drool: Clemence JPG Birkin and evergrain JPG Kelly smell divine as well!!!:love: BTW, my Chevre HAC smells more on the inside than it does on the outside!:wacko::smile:
  7. Buffalo smells like wet dog when wet.
  8. My epsom smells pretty good, but my barenia trim smells the best. I wish they would make a room spray or something in that scent.
  9. I think Barenia and Togo have the strongest scent as far as leathers.

    But their silk as well has a distinctive perfume that my other silk does not have...

    I swear they put some olifactory drug in their products to make us want it more.
  10. I've had my Rodeo leather wallet for 9 months or so and it still smells divine!
  11. yes definitely, I agree :yes: Some of the small leather accessories are made from veau rodeo, I have an agenda in veau rodeo and the smell is delectable. I don't have a box for it (bought in the sales) but every time I open it, I get a hit. The leather is smooth and a bit glossy with some delicate veining, it's gorgeous in every way.

  12. really? i guess key chain or small leather goods don't yield enough scent. Maybe i need to get myself a 40cm birkin so i can smell it better :rolleyes:
  13. My clemence bag is TDF! I keep sticking my face in there and sniffing it lol!! I do wish we could have a room scent lol!!
  14. so..veau rodeo, barenia, togo have the strongest yummy scent! and other leather do have smell as well. thanks for everyone's input!! :heart::heart:

    what about box?
  15. I love the aroma of Barenia & clemence, I have yet to take a whiff of Veau Rodeo though....hmm..good reason for me to stop by my local H shop today, hehe