What's th Best Purse Organizer for JPG Birkin 40cm?

  1. Does anyone know if there are any cute handbag organizers that would fit my JPG 40cm? I've looked at Bagmate, Purseket, VIP Intelligente, and Chameleon and they are just ok looking. Nothing that really jumps out at me with cuteness and perfect fit. :nuts: Maybe someone creative and sews can redesign handbag organizers.:idea:
  2. hmm I wouldn't know... not a sewer myself. I have the bagmate, the purseket and the chameleon and love them all.
  3. hey hkloosterman, since u've three different ones. Which one do you recommend for the JPG? It's 18" wide. Thanks!!
  4. Do you have a JPG?
  5. no I do not have the the jpg. I do have a 37 bolide, couple of 32 kelly's and a 35 birkin.

    I have all sizes of the bagmate and chameleon and they work perfectly.

    Maybe the Purseket would work for you as it has no end, so you can roll it up in your bag (excuse me for my english as it is not my native language).

    For me it is so handy as I put in all my essentials from bag to bag.
  6. Thanks for ur suggestions. I appreciate it. I'm not sure if the purseket will work with the JPG b/c it's so long. Do you know of a retailer that I can take a look b4 purchasing. I really don't like to buy online. Thanks
  7. Interesting topic! I wish to know too.
  8. I would think that the purseket would work best. I have all of the different bag liners also but the pursket would be the only one that would be near the right size. I have a pic of the leopard print purseket in my birkin 35. The purseket just overlaps if it needs or it can be rolled all the way out also. Hope the pic helps. I soooo wish I had a JPG so I could try it out for you. I love those bags

    By the way, this is the largest of of the pursekets, as you can see the purseket overlaps by a couple inches on both ends in a 35. so it should fit great in the jpg
  9. there are 2 sizes that would fit your bag the large or medium....

    the purseket worked out perfectly for different occasions, thanks fleurdelis for posting your pictures....

    the purseket can be wrapped around and you still have room to put other 'stuff' in the middle.
  10. Nice pic FleurDeLis :tup:

    I want to get one for my JPG shoulder birkin as well..

    Where can you buy a purseket online? And what pattern or colour would you recommend for a blue jean jpg?
  11. I use the small chameleon insert. It isn't too tall. And, there is still room on either end for things that I want to be loose in the bag.
  12. here is the link. I think you would need the large (6x36), but I do not have a JPG so I do not know what the height is. I ordered every size and use them in all different handbags. you can click on all the different fabric swatches and pick the one you like.

  13. Ahhh! FleurDeLis, thanks a million for posting your cute leopard organizer. Although yours is not a JPG, it still gives me a good idea how it may look in my bag. The JPG is 16.5" x 8" x 8". It looks like the height of the Purseket can work perfectly, but the compartments are too flat.

    Please take a look at the ones on www.Chameleoninserts.com. They have more compartments, but I'm not sure if I like the look of this big organizer in a designer bag?? I've called the owner, Kathy in OK and she is willing to cut done the height to fit my JPG.

    Golden's Mom, can u please post pic of your small chameleon for us to compare. What handbag do u use it for?

    Thanks ladies!!!
  14. Is the purseket washable?
  15. I also have the x large chameleon and med bag mate. Here are the pics since you are thinking about those also
    xlarge chameleon

    xlarge xtra sturdy chameleon

    medium bagmate (largest size they make)
    cham_lrg_sturdy_emptyIMG_2602.jpg bagmate_med_IMG_2605.jpg cham_lrgIMG_2603.jpg