What's stylish (yet safe) to take to college?

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  1. I am going back to college next semester (yay, as if one degree isn't enough lol)..and am wondering what would be an ideal bag to carry around on campus. I am debating as to if I will just carry a smallish handbag for money/wallet/phone and a backpack for books (hello, old Jansport bag!) OR use a larger tote for all of the above. The campus is huge, like 40,000 students, and since I will be attending at night, I don't want to worry about getting my purse ripped off. Any thoughts or suggestions? :smile:
  2. EPi noé! Super understatedness!
  3. i have a coach messenger bag. i carry around a notebook and folder for each class and occasionally a book (depending on what classes i have that day and what we're doing). i can also throw my laptop in there. sometimes it gets heavy, but that's what its meant for and i know it can take it! i recommend a messenger w/ a fair amount of room. i was using an ll bean boat and tote for awhile and that was too open (hello -- snow!).

    i would save the nice handbags for after class because walking around campus and toting around heavy books isn't something i want to put my handbags through. one less thing i need to worry about!

    some ppl carry a messenger/backpack and a purse, but for me that's too much to carry around. i try to keep it simple!
  4. I use my Damier Chelsea most days to carry books to class! It's the perfect book/laptop bag and most people don't know it's LV! Plus it snows here so it's great in the weather. Sometimes I use a backpack (when I have a lot of heavy books) and then just carry a purse after class.
  5. the bagtinolles horizontal, or the new tivoli gm!!! =] but the bh is ideal, its perfect as a school tote and its canvas so you don't have to worry about it too much (putting it on the ground, etc.)
  6. I always carried my speedy and used a regular backpack because I carried so many heavy books.
  7. I like carrying all my bags, I'm sure people think it's fake anyways ! :yes:

    My campus size is about the same as yours.. and it's next to the ghettos.
  8. Neverfull mm or gm, but good luck finding the mm
  9. I was thinking about the Neverfull MM....hard to find huh?

    Anything Damier might be nice too...won't have to worry about dirt and sitting it on a classroom floor.
  10. For school I'd go for a messenger or reporter type bag with lots of compartments, and toss everything in it. And, it would definitely have to be something tough, durable and functional, as opposed to just pretty, as it's going to get knocked around a fair bit.

    Damier canvas tends to get scratched and scraped quite easily by sharp edges - think desks, etc.. Therefore, I'd go for leather, Damier Geant canvas or denim.
  11. the batignolles horizontal is ideal for carrying books, but it will [obviously] be recognized. i had this same dilemma last fall; LV is vulnerable to theft and vandalism, so i bought the black prada messenger bag for college and i love it - it holds my books/calc./pens/laptop and keeps me lookin' hot!
  12. Oh I might have to check that out! thanks for the idea!
  13. I live in LA and from here to Costa Mesa including Newport are all sold out of the MM you could easily get it online i was just mostly being sarcastic, but I do think the Neverfull is great for everyday I have a good friend that carries it and its very versatile.
  14. I LOVE my Longchamp tote for school. It's light, durable, well made, waterproof, and holds a ton! I can put my laptop and notebooks in it along with everything else, and it zips closed.

    If I didn't have it I'd be using my MbMJ Turnlock Shopper which is really gorgeous but much heavier because it's all leather.

    If you want something LV, I'd definitely recommend a Cabas Mezzo, a Damier Chelsea, or a Neverfull.

    Or, you can wait for the Damier Neverfull!!!
  15. I recommend the neverfull MM that's what i use...but if monogram screems out too much..then something from the epi line or damier line