what's still missing in your H collection?

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  1. I often think of my Hermes items as a collection, and I'm pretty sure many of you do this way too.
    I recently acquired an Orgauphone scarf, and I feel my music themed scarves collection is pretty much complete, but there are many more staples I'd like to buy in the following years.
    So far I feel I'm still missing
    - vintage Jeu d'Omnibus in b/w colourway
    - Les toits de Paris
    - many vintage box kelly (black, toile, rouge H)
    - a Birkin (35 orange?? - still undecided)
    - a belt

    so what's still missing in your collection? I'm not speaking about something you like at the moment, but something you've set your eyes on since a long time and will pass to your daughter!
  2. A pink fuchsia ostrich birkin in 35!
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    I just started my "collection" .. and all of the following Birkin students are missing (and yes I will pass these on to my daughter and she will be a lucky one!!!):

    Orange Birkin 35 cm
    Chartreuse Birkin 35 cm
    Graphite or a light Grey Birkin 35 cm (top priority at this point:smile:
    Brique Box Birkin 30 or 35cm
    Blue (Thalassa) Birkin 30 or 35 cm


    I am also missing an XXl shawl "les clefs" ...
  4. here's mine...

    ostrich kelly pochette

    30cm lizard birkin

    croc shoulder birkin

    ...all hard to find, so wish me luck friends! TIA :hugs:
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    A bag or clutch in Rouge H box
    HAC 28cm (preferably in the above leather, two birds with one stone ;))
    Birkin 35 in a lightweight leather
    Kelly sellier, 28cm or 32cm
    Exotic clutch (Kelly wallet, Kelly Cut, KP)
  6. box birkin 30cm
    a kelly
  7. Raisin Box Dalvy
    Rouge H Kelly, Sellier 28cm
    White Epsom Plume Elan
    Kelly Longue (not sure of color)
  8. - Vert Veronese Birkin 40
    - HAC 40 (any color)
    - Gris Birkin 40
    - Etoupe Birkin 40
    - Bi colour Birkin 40
  9. A bright blue 30cm. :biggrin:
    Something in braise croc. :tender:
  10. An RV Birkin in Fjord
    A neutral colored traditional massai PM
    Noir, naturel CSMC

    A dream would be black barenia birkin with PHW
  11. oh and a 35 trimII :smile:
  12. 32 or 35 black box kelly (this may be a SO black kelly if I can get past the lack of strap)

    35 potiron birkin (I have an SO in mind, but H is only taking orders for SLGs in this color this time around)

    dream bag: 35 miel croc kelly
  13. Gold Birkin Togo 35, PHW
    Birkin 25 - Black Swift or Togo, PHW
    Constance - Black Box, GHW
    Constance - Rouge H Box, GHW
    Vintage Black Box Kelly 35, PHW
    Bolide - Rouge Garrance
    Shoulder Kelly - Vert Veronese Clemence, PHW
    Shoulder Birkin - Black Togo, GHW
    Etoupe Massai
    a grey Birkin 35, Togo, GHW (this would need to be a true grey, no other undertones)
    Orange Picotin GM
    Blue Jean Picotin GM
    Chartreuse Picotin GM
    Raisin Birkin 35 Togo, GHW or PHW
    Rouge H Fjord Birkin 35, GHW

    I also love a bunch of scarves, but there are far too many to list
    I also love the enamels, which I'd like to get the same pattern in multiple sizes so I can stack them in a fun way!

    I know I'll never get most of these but it's sort of my wish list or my "dream" list
  14. natural/gold chamonix kelly (sellier) with GH
    black box birkin with GH
    a kelly or birkin 30 in a dark blue
    perhaps a medor clutch, though DH doesn't care for them
  15. I like your list, I am also dying for a real true GREY bag, Graphite is dark and Gris T is too brownish. GOOD luck, Who said we aren't allowed to dream :P