What's special about Collonil?

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  1. I was just wondering why Collonil is recommended by Mulberry. Is there something about it that's special? Or do other brands of leather protector work just as well. Many of you talk about Collonilling your bags, but do any of you use a different product? Is it OK?
  2. I have used different leather protector sprays on my mulberry darwin bags (clarks aldo etc) and have had no issues what so ever but I think everyone trusts the collinil spray as thats the one Mulberry themselves recommend.

    Maybe other mulberry girls have also tried different protector sprays but im not sure... If you can get collinil I guess that would be the best thing!
  3. i was also wondering about this as some of the others are half the price - i did buy another one and use it but then i got scared and got collonil too. Lady in my local leather shop says they are all the same!!
  4. Mulberry in Amsterdam, does not even sell the Collonil. When I asked them a long time ago, they offered to take my oak Bays to the shoeshop close to their store, to have it sprayed there with their regular spray. So I think it is not a law to use Collonil.
  5. My guess is that if you use a different brand to Collonil and you have issues with peeling , staining etc Mulberry may blame the inferior brand , but if you have used Collonil and have problems they may be more open to doing something ? It is almost like voiding any guarantee by not using recommeded product.
    BTW don't be tempted to spray Blue Mable - she is a antique leather and waxy - she doesn't need it !
  6. Ah, I see - it could cause problems if I had any issues with the bag later.
    But I do suspect a lot of these products have a lot of common ingredients.
    Limited edition - no, I won't be spraying Mabel. She is fine just as she is and I love her for that. But a lot of other bags I like that I would consider buying tend to need Collonil (like the turquoise Mitzy pouch on NAP). I wouldn't hesitate to get it but I can't seem to get any in Canberra, Australia.
  7. I have a new Bays and I was going to Collonil it, but should I use leather moisturizer first? I'm assuming if I tried it after the leather won't absorb the moisturizer.

    And how often should I waterproof it?
  8. NO, only Collonil!!! Do it at least once every month.
  9. Just curious, why? It's leather, right? I used to moisturize my saddle when I rode so why not my bag?
  10. ^^^No idea why not but i've asked Mulberry sale assistants and they have emphatically said not to use leather moisturisers on the darwin/natural leather. just use collonil!!! Don't know if it's because it's not needed or maybe because it affects how the patina develops???I can imagine it would significantly darken the oak colour.:shrugs:
  11. Yeah, it's probably about the color change. OK, good to know.
  12. I sprayed my bag with Collonil then use the leather nourisher. I use Connolly as the SA at Boros store advised (they use it to rub all their Mulberry bags)

    But you must spray first then use the cream later (if you want) I think
  13. Which kinds of leather can you use collonil on?
  14. i have used creme essentielle aloe vera nourisher along side the waterstop spray for extra tlc on my darwin bags and it has been fine
  15. ^^^bayley- have you used it on an oak bag???