What's So Great About Bbag??

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  1. What's So Special About This Bag Other Than The Name? And How Much Do They Range? And Where Can You Buy Them In Store If You're From Washington D.c?
  2. Hi Marioluver!

    The leather is really beautiful, and that makes them special.

    As far as where you can buy them is concerned and the pricing, you asked that same question on Dec 19th...so search your own threads and you'll find the answer!

    Good luck finding a great bag!
  3. the AMAZING colors they produce!!
  4. the leather, the colors, the lightness, the style, the name......
  5. The leather and colors!
  6. Great Answer!!:graucho:
  7. I agree with everything that has been listed!:yes:
  8. The range of colours are amazing, the leather is soft and they are very light......you can have a huge bag and it will be as light as a feather:p thats why I love them
  9. Balenciaga's also hold their value very well :yes: I'm not even selling mine and already had someone offer to buy it LOL

    If you check out eBay you'll see authentic many bbags going for MORE than retail.
  10. The motor style is ingenious. It's unsusbstantial at first glance, but grows on you, like a favorite pair of jeans. Two people I think wear Balenciaga bags the best are Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller. With a great bBag, it completes the outfit.

    Motor bags are hip, chic, and wild- very different from your usual Chanels or Gucci which emphasize on luxury and being extremely expensive without real style (sometimes). I've been disappointed with their new bags in recent years.
  11. I was forced to sell my truffle city to a friend because she loved it so much. Another friend bought herself a truffle city upon seeing mine.

    Now, I have no BROWN b-bag. Desperately looking for one.

  12. I totally agree with you! Sienna Miller rocks!!!:yahoo:

    She seem to keep to her regular B Bags...black and red
  13. :wondering::p
  14. Prices and styles are here:
    Bbags are timeless
    They don't have a cheap looking logo plastered all over it
    Many styles & colours to suit all occasions
    Once a colour is sold out, it is more in demand
    They retain their value as much as the Birkin does
    The leather is so unique
    It's easy to spot the fakes
    You'll struggle to find a celebrity who doesn't own a Bbag
    Once you have one, you'll want more and more!
  15. The leather- wide range of textures (smooshy vs veiny), finsihshes (glossy vs matt), colors. The colors are quite rich and you will never see anything as beautiful IRL.

    The styles-all are quite beautiful and more stylized than most bags. I used to be a Gucci/LV addict until I jumped on the Balenciaga bandwagon. Now I won't even consider buygin a Gucci which looks like a basic shape with some monogram on it.