What's So Cool About Your Hood ?

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  1. My Neighborhood is very diverse.
    We live close by the River with great parks ( Central & Riverside )
    Fantastic Resturants: Indian, Japanese, Italian and French.
    Great Schools.
    A Delicious Bakery.
    A good selection of grocery stores: Health Nuts,Food Emporium & Garden of Eden.
    The cool part is, we live less than five minutes away from the Subway.

    So, What's so cool about you're Neighborhood. ?
  2. It's quiet (although less so now). Quite safe at night.

    Good shopping nearby. Pretty well served by subway and direct busses to central shopping areas (I've got my priorities straight ;) )
  3. 2nd best schools in the state of TX
    FAB shopping very close
    Unbelievable re-sell value
    Small, but not too small
    Very safe
    10 minutes from a massive airport {DFW}
  4. Well let's see. Our schools in AZ suck, nothing like back east..:sad:

    Our real estate market is crazy and way overpriced (a few months ago, a reg 1600sq ft house would be around $330k. This is in AZ, not in CA people!)

    Other than that, we have great hiking, mountain biking, beautiful sunsets, great mountain scenery, AUTHENTIC Mexican food, good shopping but not that great compared to NYC or Ca.

    Our neighborhood is gated and quiet and right now the weather is beautiful!
  5. Well San Diego has:
    SD Zoo
    Sea World
    Lego Land
    Wild Animal Park
    Great Weather

    To name a few!
  6. Our neighbors are fabulous. We live in a gated community on the golf course but most on my block are cool, layed back and not overly concerned if a weed grows in landscaping.:nuts:
  7. Oh, we would :love: to live in San Diego/La Jolla area. My DH and I always visit there every year and just love it!
  8. I live in Philadelphia-so:

    -lots of bars and restaurants
    -Center City is pretty small so it's easy to walk everywhere
    -lots of great shopping, especially on Walnut Street
    -only about an hour or so from the beach
    -Philadelphia is only 1.5 hrs from NY, 2.5hrs from DC, 4.5 hrs from Boston-so lots of great day trips.
    -beautiful architecture
    -Ben Franklin

    Unfortunately the crime rate in the city is insane and there's a huge problem with homeless people that the city steadyfastly ignores.
  9. Can we have a "what you hate about your neighborhood" thread as well? I really hate where I live but because of my husband's work, we are stuck. My only relief is going to our condo in Chicago a few times a year. We moved here from San Diego 6 years ago and the Northeast has NOT grown on me. I sometimes feel like a hamster in a very pretty cage...ARGHHHH.
  10. I love it here too! I hope I never have to move...

    The downside though...HOUSING PRICES are the WORST!!!!
  11. Live on the river near the ocean, we love water.

    Safe, clean, quiet.

    Right in the quaint historic seacoast area; great restaurants, cute shops, lively arts scene.

    Near 2 movie theaters and never a line, have a theater company and movie houses showing indie films.

    Under an hour to the historic big city with the best shopping/dining.

    Park for the dog out back so she's always active and happy playing with her dog pals.

  12. my hometown of Marietta, GA:
    - best schools in the state of Georgia
    - wonderful housing market (what you can get for $750k here would cost at least twice that up north)
    - beautiful surroundings - lots of mountains to the north, beaches only a 45 minute plane ride away
    - very little crime
    - close proximity to Atlanta (it's a suburb, takes about half an hour on the highway to get in to downtown)

    where i live: Athens, GA
    - wonderful bars/restaurants/local music/party scene
    - lots of cute boutiques with unique finds
    - BEAUTIFUL campus (University of Georgia)
    - lots of cultural events, concerts, lectures, etc. because of the University
    - just far enough from Atlanta to not have traffic issues
    - historic downtown district with many beautiful old buildings

    i never want to live outside of Georgia, honestly. it's great.
  13. South Orange-Maplewood NJ (northern NJ)
    1. racially mixed community
    2. good schools
    3. 15-20 miles from Manhattan (30 minutes by train)
    4. Nice housing stock (from brand new to historic homes built in the 1700s)
    5. Kick ass shopping nearby (Short Hills Mall and downtown Millburn, NJ)
    6. 20 minute drive to Newark airport (where you can fly to anywhere in the world)
  14. I used to live in Yardley (Bucks County) but I worked every day in Center City. I miss it their so much! :sad:
  15. Nothing is cool about my hood.

    We have an H-E-B and a Super Walmart. thats it.

    I have to travel an hour and a half before I hit some good stores...