What's shopping like in Seoul?

  1. I'm going to Seoul on Tuesday for a week for a wedding. Are there items that would be a better buy in Korea as opposed to purchasing the same items in the US? Clothing, handbags, shoes, electronics, etc.?
  2. Bring your calculator w/conversion rate... :yes:
  3. Two summers ago I visited my mother in Korea & we spent a lot of time in Seoul. First thing I would like to say is that if you've never been there before you might expierence a bit of culture shock or you may expierence none. I expierenced a BUNCH but I think that was also because my mother & I don't get along that good so being in a foreign country with someone I'm not too fond of didn't work out too good for me. On the bright side the shopping in Seoul is GREAT. They have these "department stores" that are on average about 9-11 stories tall & are filled with all sorts of designer goodies! I visited tons of them (they're all pretty much the same so after a while I just saw a lot of the same stuff) since my mother took me to them (hey I wasn't complaining lol!). About prices, well pretty much everything is the same except for some stuff that are American brands. But if I was you I would go to the Duty Free stores (there's one on I think the 8th or 9th floor of the Lotte Department store & some in other places in Seoul) because I think that you don't pay taxes on whatever you purchase (they have all sorts of designer sunglasses, puses, makeup, clothes, etc.) but don't forget your plane ticket to show that you are a traveler or you won't be able to buy anything! Have fun!
  4. Don't forget side vendors too. I bought cute little paper goods from shops in different markets.
  5. Wow Lori- that is awesome.. Have a great time and post a pic if ya buy something interesting..
  6. My friend is from Seoul, and she was telling me that certain brands (not necessarily designer) such as Abercrombie & Fitch are more expensive there than in the U.S. So whenever my friend goes back to Korea, she goes shopping at A&F for clothing to bring back to her family/friends.
  7. My mom and friends who have been to Seoul have only nice things to report on the shopping arena there..but I think that prices there are on the high side? I mean for imported goods i.e. European/ US..correct me if I'm wrong
    Have fun in Seoul!
  8. Well, it's been 30 years (I went as a teenager while we lived in Japan), but my mom bought a lot of jewelry in Seoul. Especially topaz stones. A few things she had reset once we came back to the US but I know the majority of it was very good quality.

    Maybe they don't do this anymore...? I had a suede jacket with a LOT of fringe made for me (popular in the 70's! :rolleyes: ) and at the time paid next to nothing for it. Maybe $25? I've never seen a nicer one and still have mine. My daughter wears it occasionally now.

    Have fun!!!
  9. lucky you! if i could go to seoul, i'd try to search for the guy in my avatar... i'd be one of those crazy fans! lol

    i was just a toddler when my family and i were Seoul, so i don't remember it at all. i'd love to visit someday in the near future, just haven't had a chance to travel that far just yet.

    i've heard from my Korean friends that have been back recently that imported brands are usually a lot more expensive there. but there are places like namdaemun, dongdaemun, and myungdong, etc. with lots of good places to shop and eat.
  10. i would recommend doing 3 things.

    1.) get your hair done. (i know this isn't shopping related...) a good salon does an AMAZING job. you can't compare them to the states.
    2.) shop in cheap cute stores. (like dotta in dongdehmoon. or is it nandehmoon? i forgot... it's been a few years since i've been to korea.) designer stuff in dept stores like lotte/hyundai/coex/whatever is nice... but it's also more expensive than buying stuff in the states. why pay more? also, i would avoid buying expensive korean name brand stuff. korean designer = korean designer. they really don't really mean anything when you bring them back over to the states. plus, the fashion is different. i find buying cute cheap shirts/skirts/whatever more worthwhile. but don't buy too much. i hardly wear stuff i bring back. i tend to get more use out of accessories/home goods/misc cute girly stuff in the states than clothes.
    3.) eat! food is cheap and yummy!

    have fun!