What's Shining Monkey?

  1. Sorry for my ignorance but what is Shining Monkey?:blush:
  2. A scam it's for cars not for bags.
  3. Seriously stay away from it.
  4. it works best for me though :yes:. it protects the leather from water marks, stains and dirt, plus it slows down the patina process
  5. I use Shining Monkey on all my bags. I spray it on the vachetta and canvas of all my Louis Vuitton bags. it prevents water from staining the vachetta by creating a clear layer of protection. If any water gets on the naked vachetta it will roll right off!

    Plus it can be bought from Amazon, so it's real easy to get ahold of.
  6. I have had the same results as you luckylacoste. :jammin:
  7. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about Shining Monkey. It IS NOT a scam as someone mentioned above.
  8. Why would they say it's a scam?
  9. because there was some questionable activity here from someone that sells it.

    It IS a car product, but many people have had luck w/ it on their LVs.

    You can do a search, it's come up A LOT.
  10. I asked my SA and she looked at me with a weird face. She said that you don't know what it does to the leather in a long term. Some chemicals inside this product can affect the leather. This product is for car use only.

    I don't use my Neutrogena liquid soap face cleanser to wash my clothes even if it will work for sure. It's exaclty the same thing.
  11. I think LV is a little bit to blame in all this which product works guessing. :wtf: Why haven't they deloveped their own products? Do you know? It is something that I have always wondered. About this product I have used it at my own risk for sure. :sad:

    I read the other day about olive oil, which I would never considered and about Lubriderm that not even in my wildest dreams. I swear by Apple Guard conditioner but the AG water repealent is kind of greasy and on my bags it left some spots that eventually soften but did not disappaer and I stopped using it.:shrugs:
  12. Well LV won't recommend anything for their products, not even a common leather conditioner. they say the best thing to do is to let it age naturally (which sometimes turns out not so nice if we don't take care of it). So it leaves us, the LV addicts to find what works best. If it's a car product that works best on our bags, then I'll use it!
  13. At least she told me not to use it :yes:
  14. LV always tells you not to use anything. They don't want anyone coming in complaining because they didn't use the product properly.

    Shining Monkey is the best product around -- apple guard stays wet and doesn't always dry evenly. Wilson's is not bad -- certainly better than Apple Guard -- but not as good as Shining Monkey.
  15. I haven't used anything on my bags yet.. although I just purchased the Shining Monkey from Amazon.com just a few days ago. When I had gone to the Louis Vuitton store the other day, the manager told me to NEVER EVER use any kind of chemical product on the leather of the bag.. so now.. I'm a bit skeptical. :hrmm: