What's She Got?

  1. [​IMG]

    she looks absolutely magnificent! i was wondering if anyone could pinpoint this bag she's carrying!

    i've been watching a lot of buffy the vampire slayer ;) hehe. she's a cutie.

    PS i'm not that good at this whole "guess the bag" thing but i'd say something prada... am i WAY off?
  2. here's another i'm clueless on ;) hehe can ya tell i'm bored?

  3. The first one looks the the Prada Gauffre bag.

    Can't help with the second I'm afraid.
  4. Vicious......the first one is a Prada Gauffre...can't tell what the second one is...... hey.....how's Bonnie doing?
  5. I think its a prada too!
    I think Posh also had one. I forgot what it is called tho
  6. bonnie is a happy gal, currently on hold cuz i haven't been in a happy kinda mood. i've been using a purse that can be abused without showing at all. lol i :love: wilsons...

    oh so anyway WOOHOO i was right about that first bag!

    the second one i was really just givin yall somethin to do HA.

  7. The first one is definately a Prada Gauffre. I like the second one also, but I don't know what it is.
  8. The second bag looks like the Hogan Kesia.
  9. Yep, the first is a gorgeous gauffre- the second almost looks like a Tod's.....
  10. well i think she's damn classy.