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  1. sexy poll 2006
    which stars do it for you?
    Choose your favorites, VOTE, then check out our September issue to see if your picks came out on top!

    Result of 2005 (source: September 2005 issue of Instyle)

    The HEAT Index
    Is it just us, or is it getting warm in here? In our eighth survey, you tell us who sends the Fahrenheit flying

    Way back in '99 when we did our second poll, you voted Brad Pitt the hottest guy around. Cut to '05, and how things have changed! An iPod can hold an entire collection, we know the identity of Deep Throat, and you think Brad Pitt rules (can you say "perennial favorite"?). This doesn't mean that more than 12,000 of you who went to instyle.com and voted in our survey didn't throw us a few curveballs--all of them scintillating, of course. -Robin Sayers

    Leading Man: BRAD PITT
    Well, well, look at you. You won in '99, '02, '03. And here you go again. And, yes, we know your dance card is full at the moment, but in our dreams you're taking us for a twirl.

    Leading Lady: ANGELINA JOLIE
    We know we're going to be accused of envy, but is there any question that Jolie is an alien? How else to explain this creature's otherworldly va-va-va-voominess?

    England's Bloom bested Spain's Banderas, but it sure was close - just by 23 votes seperated these two. All together now: We love the State Department's 01 work visa!

    Female Import: NICOLE KIDMAN
    We're spellbound. After almost winning in various sexy-poll categories since '98, the Bewitched star finally came out on top. (Note: Our friends at Pricewaterhousecoopers vowed no nose-twiching was involved.)

    It was a virtual tie between these two, with Knoxville (The Dukes of Hazzard) getting just three more votes than Welling (Smallville). Ah, the eternal question: the Good Guy or the Bad Boy? Seems this will remain a split decision.

    Rising Female Star: EMMY ROSSUM
    The Phantom of the Opera star turns 19 this month, and since so many of you didn't know what to give her as a birthday gift, you settled on a victory on this category. (Nice, but can she exchange it?)

    Singer: BEYONCE
    Call her the anti-TomKat: Despite photographic evidence suggesting a liason with Jay-Z, she stays mum (maybe they just keep bumping into each other at events and on islands). Perhaps it's her mystique you love -- or is it her killer bod, gorgeous face and angelic voice?

    Band: MAROON 5
    Their CD Songs About Jane was certified platinum, they've had two singles on the top 10 chart, and they just won a Grammy for best new artist. But can any of that truly compete with winning your hearts?

    If our poll were the Oscars, they'd both be taking the little buy: Becks (soccer) garnered just two votes more than Woods (golf). If this isn't a cautionary tale about every vote counting, what is?

    Crooner: CLAY AIKEN
    OK, OK - so his hair is a bit funny, and he's not the smoothest of dancers. But he won in '04, and he won this year. So, to almost quote Sally Field, "You like him - you really, really like him!"

    Hargitay busts pervs. Garner thwarts global evil. Batting eyelashes? Not quite-batting bad guys makes these two come-hithery.

    Welling of Smallville fame nabs his second poll honor, one he shares with Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy. A red cape, or stethoscope and scrubs? You're keen on both.

    Sitcom Actress: DEBRA MESSING
    The Susan Lucci of our poll, Messing (Will & Grace) was always a nominee, never a winner. But just as Lucci eventually triumphed, so has our favorite redhead.

    Technically LeBlanc (Joey)-also a winner in this category back in his Friends days-is the victor, but Sheen (Two and a Half Men) was a close second, so let's give him a little love too.

    Where's a couch shen we need one? TomKat (is that joint nickname sticking?) triumphed here. And it's a good thing we kept the vote open to dating or married pairs, because these two are on romance fast-forward.

    Actor over 40: GEORGE CLOONEY
    Hey, George, what's so great about Italy? The signorine of America miss you terribly. Return, and we'll serve up all your favorites state-side -- vino, pasta, tiramisu, whatever. So come home. Pronto!

    Actress over 40: SUSAN SARANDON
    If ever there was proof that age is only a number, it's your winner is this category. Sure, we loved her as Janet in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but isn't Sarandon just as hot -- or even hotter -- lo these three decades later?

  2. from same issue, winner in parenthesis ().

    Which is Sexier?
    The thing in red, of course - your winners in our this-vs.-that sizzle showdown
    (Bruce Willis) vs Ashton Kutcher
    Veterinarians vs. (fireman)
    (Roses) vs. chocolates
    Clean-shaven vs. (five o'clock shadow)
    (Beach bungalow) vs. mountaintop chalet
    Motorcycles vs. (convertibles)
    (T-shirt and jeans) vs. tuxedo
    A guy fixing your toilet vs. (a guy reading you a poem)
    (Tina Fey & Jimmy Fallon) vs. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

  3. Clay Aiken?? What we they smoking...ewww

    no offense to any CA fans.
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