whats set aside a good fake and a real lv?

  1. fakers have been faking lv for long long time and getting very good at that. is there any feature that they cant get right?
    whats the distinction between a good fake and a real lv?
    what are the things u look for?
    a date code say, does good fake has date code that make sense?

  2. Most of the fakes I've seen have been horrible looking, sad imposters of the real thing. NOTHING makes a good fake. Fake looks fake. Simple as that!
  3. I don't think there is such a thing as GOOD FAKE.;)
  4. so in ur opinion.. fakers have not been able to make a fake thats so hard to tell from the real one yet?
    they have been doing it for so long... i just wonder
    how about date code? fake date codes make sense?
  5. Actually, my dad (yes my DAD! lol) told me that last year, an article from a big magazine company in China set out an interview with Shanghai's LV store. The interviewer brought out several fakes and asked the manager if he could distinguish a fake from a real one. Unfortunately, fakers have gotten it really good in recent years and the Shanghai manager did really poorly on their test! lol
    So what I'm trying to say is that, THERE ARE REALLY GOOD fakes out there and we'd better watch out!
  6. Well sometimes, they tend to use the same date code on all their fakes, no matter when it was ACTUALLY made. For example, just today, I was on the "authenticate this" board and there was a Mizi, which only just came out last year, with a date of April 2000. Sometimes I think people don't really pay much attention to date codes so they just make something up, say it's got a date code and slap it in there.
    I think when most of these sites say the bags are mirror image, they use pictures of authentic bags, then send you a fake that's NOT anything like the real ones. I've yet to see a fake that looks exactly like the authentic ones, detail for detail.
    It's because the ones that claim to be mirror image cost a LOT more to produce and use "better" (if you can call it that) materials, so they can cost upwards of $200! And most people who buy fakes don't want to spend that much on a bag anyway, so even if they DO make bags that are really close, I doubt many people have them.
    Like I said, I haven't seen one that would actually fool me yet.
  7. They may have fake date codes but the shape of letters & numbers are totally off. Also you could easily tell by just looking at the colour of leather or canvas that always looks off, too. So far, I can easily tell between fakes LV and the real ones when I see people carrying them. In other words, if you have seen a lot of real LVs IRL, you will easily detect the fakes one.
  8. just the date code??? but that is sooo minute for people to pay attention to... so you can actually fake a fake these days, and the only advantage in owning a genuine these day is the reassurance of not being busted with a fake, if you ever do :yes:

  9. its a good thing its expensive to make a good fake.
    date code is so minute.. its scary if its getting harded to buy from ebay.
    MPRS sellers, how do they become one? I read somewhere in this lv thread, that there were mprs sellers that attempted some scam.
  10. I think there's a minimum number of sales of authentic bags that must be made, then you can apply to become one.
    Again, you have to personally check your seller..if they CLAIM to be a MPRS and they're not on the list of recommended sellers, that's a bad sign. Sometimes people take the MP logos and throw the name around a bit and expect people to trust them. You really need to do a bit of background searching on your seller first. Meaning looking at feedback, other auctions, pictures that have been posted, making sure they're a MPRS if they say they are, etc.
  11. some auction has "MPRS resellers" thats different from MPRS sellers right?
  12. They probably don't get the acronym.
    MPRS= MyPoupette Resellsers
  13. i guess it is hard to spot a fake in pictures these days, you have to actually touch, smell...really check the details carefully.
  14. There are several grades of fakes. I think the "best" being AAA or something. They aren't cheap though. They cost about half of a real one. It makes no sense to me. People who buy them are just imitating and show offs. What I think fakers have a hard time copying is the color of the patina. Somehow it doesnt have that nice glow. Oh and SMELL. They can't get the smell right either. Sometimes the shape can be a tad off. Something only someone who knows the bag may notice.