What's required, for me to call H. boutiques in search of certain KP?

  1. Hi everyone again,

    I want to call all the various Hermès boutiques to find a gold Kelly pochette, but I've noticed that the 3-4 stores I've called are usually not very friendly or helpful. I know they have a policy of not selling Kellys or Birkins over the phone, and often they wouldn't even tell me their inventory. I assume that if you're a previous customer or have a relationship with an SA they'll help you, but unfortunately I've never bought from an actual H. boutique and don't have one near me.

    A did find a very nice Hermès SA who says she's going to make some calls for me to find the KP I want; I'll talk to her soon and see. But if not, what might you suggest I do? I would even call H. boutiques in Europe if they'll help me (I'm in Michigan). Do all the H. stores have a list on their computers of H. customers, and they're only willing to help those customers over the telephone? And if so, is that list connected to all their stores worldwide? I wonder if someone were a H. customer and knew an SA, if they'd then be willing to sell a KP over the phone and ship it; perhaps they're sometimes a little more lenient with their purse rules for the KP. Thanks very much for any advice; I'm sure you all have much experience with hunting down bags and you could really help me. I need this for Christmas, so I have a little time but not enough to just wait around for an SA to possibly call me back. THANKS!

  2. in my opinion there are no hard and fixed rules about how h handles this. it really is lottery some stores ship (and even then it depends on the sa) some don´t. some do look up your name etc. i am sorry but that is my experience i say just call around and if you find an sa who is willing to help ask her/him to check in their respective country
    i know it is a pain to track down what ones want .
    edit: but yes generally it is easier if they know you .